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So read the headline today. My very tempered, restrained response is…”ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?”

The article goes on to say, “Worried it could be shut out of business deals in postwar Iraq…” So you frogs are telling us that while you oppose any SACRIFICE to free the Iraqi people, you insist on business deals when the dust settles? Give me a friggin’ break!

Next it says, “Some French are concerned that a U.S.-led administration in Iraq will favor companies from the United States and other pro-war countries while penalizing companies from France and other war opponents.” Well, yeah. What did you expect? This is beginning to sound like that guy on welfare who demands an increase in benefits but abhors the requirement that he actually work for it. I say that we tell the French that we will summarily VETO any U.N. vote that proposes to allow french interaction in the rebuilding efforts. It’s only fair, right?

The article then states, “French companies — many with ties to Baghdad stretching back decades — have established themselves as the largest suppliers of goods to Iraq since a U.N. trade embargo was partially lifted in 1996.” Ah hah… we begin to see why the French were so quick to oppose war in Iraq. Interesting. “In 2001, France exported $705 million worth of goods to Iraq … Communications equipment maker Alcatel clinched a $75 million contract to upgrade Baghdad’s phone network, and Renault sold $75 million worth of tractors and farming vehicles to Iraq. French oil giant TotalFinaElf probably has the biggest stake. It spent six years in the 1990s doing preparatory work on two giant oil fields and has signed two tentative agreements with Saddam to develop them. It’s all getting clearer and clearer.

“Gilles Munier, an executive board member of the French-Iraq Association for Economic Cooperation said he believes American companies will have difficulties in Iraq because of widespread anger against the U.S.-led bombing campaign.” The French would certainly know what give the Americans difficulties. So perhaps France knew all along that with a leader as principled and dedicated as President Bush, America would free Iraq from Saddam regardless of their actions, but they would maintain an anti-American sentiment to curry favor with Iraq during the rebuilding phase… It’s all about business.

“Munier criticized French companies for negotiating with American companies for a piece of their businesses in Iraq, saying that such “collaboration” would damage the image of French business among Iraqis………France opposes any U.S. reconstruction plan that would sideline … multilateral organizations … ” So they don’t want a collaboration with the U.S., but say they would oppose any U.S. plan that sidelines multilateral organizations? So let me understand this… It’s okay to rebuild Iraq unilaterally, so long as it’s the FRENCH? Get real hypocrites!

Finally, “Chirac has warned that France would vote against any U.N. Security Council resolution that would give “the American and British belligerents the right to administer Iraq.” You just stick to that U.N. process while we’re out FIGHTING A WAR, jerks. I highly doubt the “American and British belligerents” will rely on a U.N. resolution for those rights. From where I sit, we’re fighting for those rights as we speak and we DARE YOU to try and oppose them. France, if you can get the U.N. to pass a resolution that says the U.S. doesn’t have the right to administer Iraq and we claim that right and begin administering anyway, what are you going to do about it? If history is a lesson, you’ll spend the next 12 years and pass another 17 resolutions and we’ll end up taking action for you. How lame are you people, really?

To sum up my contempt for the french at this moment in time, I have to say that I would rather see Bill Clinton become the eternal President of the U.S. than have anything to do with the french at all. Those who know me understand the depths of hatred this involves towards the french cowards. You want to reap the benefits without exerting any efforts of sacrifice. You french ought to hang your heads in shame, for you are not fit drink from our toilets.

I heard there was a recent massive earthquake in France. The cause was the 56,681 dead American soldiers buried in French soil rolling over in their graves.

France, you are hereby granted the title, “Axis of Weasels”.


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