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April 1st, 2003 2:06 pm

What’s wrong with this picture?

A Columbia University professor, Nicholas De Genova, stated in a public address that he “would like to see “a million Mogadishus” � referring to the 1993 ambush in Somalia that killed 18 Americans, in which our fallen heros were dragged through the streets by the animals residing there. Where is the outrage?

Shortly after September 11th, Berkeley, CA’s city manager forced the local firefighters to remove American flags from their firetrucks. Where is the patriotism?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has declared the use of the words “under God” by public schoolchildren when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to be an unconstitutional. Where is the freedom of choice?

Yellow bows affixed Monday to a sign reading “Entering the Borough of Fieldsboro” (near Philadelphia) and a nearby tree, the traditional show of hope for American combat troops’ safe return, were ordered to be taken down by order of the Borough Council and Mayor Edward “Buddy” Tyler. Where is the compassion?

Mike Coffey, Mayor of Burlingame, had decided the city would not enforce an ordinance against private displays on public property when a woman asked if she could put ribbons on Burlingame Avenue. Now that nearly every tree and lamppost has a yellow ribbon, Seth Yatovitz, a resident of Palo Alto, wants the city to take them down, calling them “offensive ribbons.” In his complaint to the city, Yatovitz mentioned his belief that the soldiers involved in the Iraq theater are actually criminals. “I find the yellow ribbons on city property offensive to my senses, as they are posted in support of violators of international law. I do support our troops that are not involved in illegal activity,” Yatovitz wrote to the council.

Thank you “Blame America First” crowd. It seems to be more readily accepted these days to blame America for being a problem then it is to praise America and support America. What really bothers me the most is that this anti-American attitude is happening WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS!

We as a country have become so swept up in political correctness and ‘tolerance’ that common sense, basic human dignity and compassion and accountability for outrageous conduct has been all but ignored. It seems clear to me that the only time we, as Americans, are ‘free’ to do or say anything these days is if it’s something completely outrageous, inappropriate or mean-spirited by generally accepted standards. Otherwise, you’re labelled as an oppressor, close-minded, intolerant or part of some grand conspiracy to thwart an entire group. It’s ridiculous. It has got to stop. For the love of God, let’s get back to the basics of life. Let’s shun those who make statements like De Genova. Let’s criticize the actions of those who find the American flag offensive, yet live under the very freedom it represents. Let’s demand some common decency. Let’s restore America to the way it use to be. The days before it was down-trodden by pinko, leftist, communist-loving, terrorist-supporting, God-hating freaks of nature.

Seriously, if the American flag offends you…. or if a yellow ribbon in support of our military’s safe return infuriates you…. or if you think America deserves to be hated for its policies…. take your candy-ass, liberal elitist, welfare-loving, America hating views and move to friggin FRANCE! Most of you hippie, anti-Americans will fit nicely into their ‘one bath a week’ schedule anyway.

God Bless America!

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