Texas Rainmaker
April 3rd, 2003 8:59 am

From the New York Post yesterday:
April 2, 2003 — Nearly a week after Columbia University professor Nicholas De Genova called for the mass slaughter of U.S. troops, the man who wants “a million Mogadishus” fears so much for his own life he is refusing to go to class. De Genova claimed death threats forced him to skip his 2:40 p.m. Latino History course at the university’s Hamilton Hall - the first lecture he had scheduled since the March 26 anti-war “teach in” in which he referred to the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” incident in which 18 GIs were slain.

awwww….. isn’t that just a shame. I’m sorry Nick, if your anti-American sentiment wasn’t received with hysterical applause and adoration. It’s a shame, you coward, that you’re too afraid to show your face in public again. Perhaps wishing the brutal murder of millions of Americans, brave military men and women no less, wasn’t the best choice of words now, was it?

Nick, did you expect a medal? an award? a cookie? I think it’s quite ironic that you and people like you are criticizing the Bush administration for “not thinking ahead” on this war. Didn’t you “think ahead”? Didn’t you wonder how a comment so inflammatory as to call for the murder of millions of Americans might be received before you said it? Of course you didn’t. You people never think about the big picture. You self-righteous, indignant SOBs focus on the minutia, the fine little details of the here and now…. whatever serves your personal agenda for the moment works for you.

You’re a teacher, Nick. Let’s just consider this a “learning event”. Of course, when you crawl out of that hole you’re hiding in and return to your fantasy utopian world of socialist ideas and anti-Americanism, I’m sure you’ll field some book and movie deals and try to capitalize on the American dream. Of course, just remember this…. you created this nightmare for yourself. The speech may be protected by the First Amendment, but common sense and respect are life’s lessons.

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