Texas Rainmaker
April 27th, 2003 10:08 am

O’REILLY: If you are wrong� and if the United States - and they will, this is going to happen - goes in, liberates Iraq [with] people in the street, American flags, hugging our soldiers� you gonna apologize to George W. Bush?

GARAFALO: I would be so willing to say, “I’m sorry”. I hope to God that I can be made a buffoon of, that people will say, “You were wrong. You were a fatalist”. And I will go to the White House on my knees on cut glass and say, “Hey, you and Thomas Friedman were right� I shouldn’t have doubted you”�

Well, Miss Garafalo, we surely don’t expect you to stick to your word, but I’m curious how you will wiggle yourself out of this pickle. You see, you ARE a buffoon. You WERE a fatalist. You ARE just another typical liberal without a clue. If you’ve got the time, I’ve got the broken glass, you hypocritical lameass, self-appointed, hollywood pundit. Go back to making B-grade movies and wither away into obscurity. I, for one, won’t miss you.

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