Texas Rainmaker
April 28th, 2003 9:41 am

The only “concerted” effort to silence you idiots is from US, the AMERICAN PEOPLE. There is no government conspiracy, no hollywood blacklisting, it is US, remember, the people who pay for your acting and singing services, the CUSTOMERS of your products.

We’re tired of your utopian mindset and completely UNEDUCATED and UNINFORMED opinions. You can blame the administration, the radio stations and Fox news all you want, but at the end of the day, the real voice of opposition to you morons is US, WE THE PEOPLE, as you would say, “the uninformed warmonging haters” who support your fantasy lifestyle by buying your movies and CDs.

Blame me. Blame all of us. But stop trying to act like there is some conspiracy. Yes, WE can’t stand you any longer. WE are tired of you morons calling our President an idiot, when the truth is 90% of you barely have high school education. WE’RE sick of you telling us what’s moral when most of you are adulterers, liars and cheaters. WE’RE sick of you talking down about the current administration as some “rich, white guys” when most of you a priveleged, spoiled brats. WE’RE tired of you hiding under the guise of “freedom of speech” only to badmouth US when WE exercise the very same right. WE’RE done supporting your lavish lifestyle while the price of movie tickets and CDs goes up so you can own multiple houses and SUVs only to tell US that WE need to conserve resources and hug trees.

WE’RE tired of the hypocrisy and WE are not taking it anymore.

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