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February 22nd, 2004 7:40 am

So John Kerry is “blasting Bush” today for things said by someone else. Ever the politician. You see, John Kerry has that unique abililty, like so many great politicians, to create the very argument so he can than take it down. It’s called a Strawman.

Here’s a quote from the AP story:

“Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused President Bush on Saturday of using surrogates to attack his military service in Vietnam and his subsequent activism against that war.”

First off, the surrogate he’s referring to is Saxby Chambliss. Here’s what chambliss said. “Sen. Saxby Chambliss said during a conference call arranged by the Bush campaign that Kerry has a “32-year history of voting to cut defense programs and cut defense systems.”"

See anything about vietnam or Kerry’s activism? No. Kerry has included those points of controversy for his own gain. Sure, Chambliss was blasting Kerry on his voting record in Congress. He should…it’s abysmal. Before he was a presidential candidate, Kerry voted to slash billions in defense spending and supported proposals to cut everything from Navy submarines to Air Force fighter planes. If Sen. Kerry’s cuts to our armed forces had become a reality, the men and women in our nation’s military would be dangerously underfunded in facing the security challenges in the world today.

-In 1996, Kerry introduced legislation that if successful would have cut the Department of Defense by $6.5 billion. His bill failed to attract co-sponsors and never reached the floor for debate.

-Running for Congress in 1972, Kerry promised to cut defense spending.

-The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune wrote in 1972: “On what he’ll do if he’s elected to Congress, Kerry said he would ‘bring a different kind of message to the president.’ He said he would vote against military appropriations.”

Kerry’s voting record in Congress SHOULD be fair game. But, ever the politician, he’s found a way to include the issue of his anti-U.S. activism….bringing it up HIMSELF. Why does he do this? So he can paint this picture for potential voters:

“at his side was Max Cleland, a triple-amputee Vietnam veteran who lost his Senate seat to Chambliss in 2002 after being portrayed as soft on homeland security.” … He said the president “decided once again to take the low road of American politics.” … Kerry also defended his military record during an interview taped Saturday for broadcast Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week.”

I don’t know what it is that all these Republicans who didn’t serve in Vietnam are fighting a war against those of us who did,” the Massachusetts senator said.”

and there you have it. Right to the point. He has set up the strawman argument, where Chambliss appropriately called into question Kerry’s defense voting record in Congress, and has casually inserted his own spin, that of his Vietnam service, all so he could round off this article with his punch at Bush’s (and others’) Vietnam record.

You know what’s most pathetic about all of this? Kerry’s very own statements earlier in the campaign that Vietnam should never be used as a political tool. THEN WHY DO YOU MENTION IT AT EVERY SPEECH YOU GIVE?

ps: If you want to see the true John Kerry, search for “Winter Soldier” and compare his activities therein with what he now claims on the campaign trail to have done…. ahh, it’s almost like not inhaling all over again.

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