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A follow up to my article on Friday. You’ll remember I showed that the “outraged” victims who paraded around the networks this week blasting President Bush’s television ads were leaders of a group called Peaceful Tomorrows, a group funded directly by The Tides Center, which is chaired by Teresa Heinz Kerry - wife of Senator John Kerry.

Folks, this story seems to have no end. It appears Mrs. Kerry’s organization, The Tides Center receives some of its funding directly from the Open Society Institute & Soros Foundations Network. source You might recognize a name in that organization’s title. The “Soros” refers to none other than George Soros, the billionaire entrepreneur. Now you’re asking yourself, “why does this matter? So a billionaire is giving money to Mrs. Kerry’s organization, which in turns funds a group run by some 9/11 widows who lashed out at President Bush.”

Let me refresh your memory about Mr. Soros. “George Soros is founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute and the Soros foundations network. He is also currently the president and chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, a private investment management firm that serves as principal advisor to the Quantum Group of Funds, a series of international investment vehicles.” source

In an article in the Washington Post on November 11, 2003, George Soros was quoted as saying, “[defeating President Bush] is the central focus of my life, … [the 2004 presidential race] is a matter of life and death.”

In the same article, Soros is quoted as saying, “Neoconservatives are exploiting the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.”

In a review of Soros’ website, (Open Society Institute & Soros Foundations Network), there are a number of donations listed for the Tides Center/Tides Foundation. The sum of those donations (or grants, as the site calls them) is just a little over $10.5 million. (In addition, Soros has given $5 million to Moveon.org).

So while the Left and its minions are calling for the head of our President for campaign ads, which some victims’ families say honors the day and the dead, there is a network of organizations waging war against George W. Bush and the Republicans. To recap the web of money and deceit the Left is using to gun for the White House:

1. Victims’ families claim outrage over Bush campaign ads and media reports it as the few widows parading around the networks are speaking for all victims’ families (while many family members sign an “Open Letter to America” claiming the Bush ads are honorable and respectful.

2. The spokeswomen for the “outraged victims” go on multiple networks and various times in various locations and recite the same lines (referring to “Bush reading to school children on 9/11″ and “3,000 murdered on Bush’s watch”) claiming that Bush is exploiting 9/11 for political gain.

3. The spokeswomen are leaders of a group called Peaceful Tomorrows, and activist group that has protested the war in Iraq and other Bush administration actions. In fact, one of them, Rita Lasar, was a volunteer and then paid worker in the first Clinton campaign. source

4. Peaceful Tomorrows is funded by The Tides Center, which is chaired by Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry, political opponent of George W. Bush for the office of President.

5. The Tides Center/Tides Foundation has received more than $10.5 million from the Open Society Institute & Soros Foundations Network, and organization run by George Soros, who is quoted as saying the defeat of President Bush is a matter of life and death as well as claiming Conservatives are exploiting 9/11.

So there you go. It’s not a pretty picture. The same group of people who lobbied so hard for campaign finance reform and blamed Republicans for having huge political war chests, are in fact a large network of activist organizations, funneling cash from one to another, in an effort to defeat President Bush. It’s a dirty little game, this thing called politics, but it appears the Left has figured out how to master it…. It’s going to be a long hard road this year… as we’re up against a group who thinks your vote is a matter of life and death. Hold on tight.

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