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March 30th, 2004 8:49 am


Four words you’ll likely never hear from the Left. While we endure the endless barrage of negative attacks, accusations and innuendo cast towards George W. Bush and his administration about what he/they failed to do, it’s pretty telling that we never hear a word of gratitude for what WAS done. You see, actions taken by the administration on the morning of September 11th likely saved hundred, if not thousands, of additional American lives.

In an article in today’s Washington Times, an interview with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has revealed this little nugget of information:

LONDON � Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, al Qaeda’s purported operations chief, has told U.S. interrogators that the group had been planning attacks on the Library Tower in Los Angeles and the Sears Tower in Chicago on the heels of the September 11, 2001, terror strikes.

Those plans were aborted mainly because of the decisive U.S. response to the New York and Washington attacks, which disrupted the terrorist organization’s plans so thoroughly that it could not proceed, according to transcripts of his conversations with interrogators.

But the terrorists seem to have been surprised by the strength of the American reaction to the September 11 attacks. “Afterwards, we never got time to catch our breath, we were immediately on the run,” Mohammed is quoted as saying. Al Qaeda’s communications network was severely disrupted, he said. source

You hear that, Senator Kerry? Do you understand what that means, Howard Dean? Ms. Clinton, does it mean anything to you that plans were aborted mainly because of the decisive U.S. response ?

Probably not. Because positive information about the administration means you don’t get your seat at the White House dinner table for the next few years. You fake outrage when people question whether you put personal gain over what’s best for America. Well, here’s your chance to show you’re not that one-sided. Here’s your chance to tell the 9/11 commission, your chance to go on 60 Minutes or Jay Leno and tell the world that George W. Bush and his administration did a good thing, likely saving many American lives….

…but I’m sure you’re too busy publicly wondering if “Bush knew” or planning your next political attack. What’s good for America is not good for the Democrat party. That much is clear. Next time you fake outrage over someone questioning your love of America…. just ask yourself this, “Will I be so bold as to credit George W. Bush for ANYTHING positive, for anything that helps our country…. or do I need negativity to bring him down so I may take his place?”

I think we all know the answer…

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