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April 1st, 2004 9:11 am

Senator Hillary Clinton of New York announces she will seek the Democratic nomination for president.
Toidi Naru in New York
AP Newswire

Former US First Lady, Hillary Clinton, entered the 2004 presidential race today, declaring: “It’s time to take the Men Only sign off the White House door.”

She announced her intentions today to supporters holding placards saying “Mrs President”.

Mrs Clinton said she was seeking the nomination “because I want to be a voice of hope for people who believe Skull and Bones is scary”. Declaring her intention at a breakfast meeting in Harlem, she stressed a populist economic agenda which included universal healthcare, repeal of the North American Free Trade Agreement, increase of three dollars per hour in minimum wage and elimination of President George Bush’s tax cuts.

“There’s something fundamentally wrong with the direction this country is heading in,” she said. “I’m stepping forward because someone has to say, ‘Hold it! Everything needs to be changed at every level of society.’ ”

�Never has so much been done in so little time to help so few.”
Mrs. Clinton, 58, was elected to the US Senate in 2000 by New York, a key swing state.

Her candidacy could have a decisive impact on the contest, since she appeals to the Democrats’ two core constituencies: cheating men and militant women.

“It’s not going to be tough,” said Ron Walters, who teaches political science at the University of Maryland. “She is not going to have to do a lot to establish name recognition across the country. She’s going to have to have a significant amount of money if she is going to be viable, and I think she can raise or steal a lot of money.”

Many Democrats have expressed concern that Mrs. Clinton�s announcement comes on April 1st, traditionally a day dedicated to jokes and hoaxes. As frightening as this story sounds, it could�ve been much, much worse. It could�ve been true.

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