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April 4th, 2004 3:29 pm

Demand a recount!

Gore TV Deal Is Stalled At The 11th Hour; Major Investor Pulls Out
by Joe Hagan

The Observer has learned that the deal for former Vice President Al Gore and his business partner Joel Hyatt to acquire digital-cable channel Newsworld International (NWI) has hit a major obstacle and may have fallen through in the 11th hour of negotiations.

Sources familiar with the situation said that one of Mr. Gore’s crucial investors got cold feet in the last stage of the deal and that Mr. Gore’s group and the channel’s owner, Vivendi Universal Entertainment, could not agree on a price.

But I’m sure it had nothing to do with the lack of interest in a another liberal television station. Afterall, the existing liberal stations (also known as “the major networks”) are lagging in ratings to stations like Fox, or as the Left calls it, “Right Wing Faux News”. Perhaps the investors, those who invest for the purpose of making money, realize that there aren’t enough people interested in Gore’s proposed station to warrant an investment. Imagine that. Maybe the liberal ideas aren’t as popular as the major networks would have us believe. I mean, when all is said and done, money talks and BS walks.

I’m sure Gore’s got the lawyers heading to town, though. He’s gearing up for a legal challenge to force the investors to give him their money… in the spirit of liberalism. You know, it’s not about what’s fair or just, it’s about his right to own a station. Maybe he can rustle up some hanging chads. Maybe the deal fell through because the investors weren’t as bright as he thought and they filled out the wrong paperwork. Yeah, that’s it. Perhaps there is some vast right wing conspiracy behind the “big corporations” maliciously plotting against Gore and his liberal friends. Maybe this was some scheme cooked up by the Bush family on a Texas ranch 30 years ago. Or could it be that Karl Rove is behind this? Oh, it’s gotta be the work of Hannity or Limbaugh! Maybe it’s a plot by people who believe in Jesus and go to church. Perhaps it’s a scheme by the richest one percent of America….

Or maybe, just maybe, there really aren’t that many people interested in Gore’s ideas…..

Nahhh…..it’s gotta be a conspiracy…

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