Texas Rainmaker
April 10th, 2004 10:22 am

John Kerry has set a new political record….

….breaking campaign promises 7 months BEFORE an election….

The hits just keep on coming. Last week, in another speech where John Kerry was bashing the strong economy and trying to convince Americans that his fantasy economy is the one we should really be concerned with, John Kerry made this amazing revelation:

Kerry said that, if he is elected president, he will not let government programs outside of security and education grow beyond the rate of inflation, even if it means cutting money from some of his own campaign promises and existing government programs. source

So there you have it folks. Straight from the horses mouth. Kerry is finally acknowledging what the Bush campaign has been saying all along - Kerry’s numbers just don’t add up. When you promise a billion dollars in social programs, you’re going to have to explain where that money will come from and admit you’re going to raise taxes - and not just on “the rich”. Instead of admitting that we’d see across the board tax increases to pay for his tax and spend liberal ideas, Kerry’s forced to reconcile the numbers by saying his campaign promises really are ridiculous and there’s no way he can actually do what he’s claiming he can do.

Congratulations, John Kerry, you’ve established a new low in American politics.

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