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April 25th, 2004 11:19 am

Women’s Rights Marchers Gather in D.C.

So reads the headline…. Yes, they’re at it again, marching for the rights of women to treat unborn children as useless body parts in the name of career-advancement.

Hillary Clinton said, “This administration is filled with people who disparage sexual harassment laws…

Yeah, why don’t more guys in the Bush administration grope, molest and fondle more subordinate interns?

“[this administration is filled with people] who claim the pay gap between women and men is phony…”

Continued the multimillion-dollar-book-deal-author. In fact, she’s so sure women work for less money in America, that it will lead to mass male layoffs, so “cheap labor conservative executives” can exploit the gap in favor of profits. Afterall, she also claims that “republican” executives outsource jobs to cheap labor to line their pocket books, so either the mass layoffs are coming, or she’s again taking both sides of the argument depending on who she’s pandering to….

…but then again, only a liberal can tie a pay gap argument into an argument advocating the killing of children.

Tens of thousands of women gathered for an abortion-rights rally Sunday as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told several hundred of them the issue is about women gaining full equality.

The people whose “full equality” conflicts with these women and their career goals are unavailable for comment…..

Now imagine a world where abortion was legal 56 years ago and Dorothy Rodham had “exercised her rights of full equality.”

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