Texas Rainmaker
May 6th, 2004 9:19 am

The problem with that damn “economic cycle”

You’ll notice the Left focusing more and more on Iraq these days. Make no mistake, it has nothing to do with “outrage” over inhumane treatment of Iraqi MILITARY prisoners - afterall, if these folks were so upset over the treatment of human beings, you’d have heard the same feigned “outrage” a month ago when Iraqi animals attacked a convey of American CIVILIAN workers, who were in Iraq to HELP, you would’ve seen calls for protests over the hanging of their burned up corpses on public streets and bridges. No, this is just politics as usual and the reason Iraq must become the central theme to the DNC movement now is because the economy isn’t imploding like they’d hoped. For months they’ve “talked down the economy”….which is ironic because when the economy really was heading south, they blasted Bush for making comments on such…. but now, with most indicators showing growth, they seem to find it okay to trash-talk the economy.

Now they’re stuck with reality. Jobs are growing, productivity is growing, interest rates remain at 46 year lows, profits are improving, etc, etc, etc. source So expect the DNC to move full force away from their mantra of the past 12 months bashing away at the economy, and watch them repeat the term “vietnamization” ad nauseum from now until November….. or at least until June 30th when sovereignty is handed over to the Iraq people and they taste true freedom.

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