Texas Rainmaker
May 7th, 2004 6:04 pm

Damn those job numbers!

“The fact is that President Bush�s misguided economic policies have failed to create jobs.”
-Nancy Pelosi, 08/01/03

“Since last August we’ve added 1.1 million new jobs”…. source


“Instead, 2.7 million jobs have been lost…”
-Nancy Pelosi, 05/07/03

But whatever you do, Nancy, don’t factor in the recession Bush was handed or the obvious effect September 11th had on the WORLD’S economy.

“Since taking office, President Bush has lost 2.8 million good-paying manufacturing jobs, and continues to lose more every month.”
-Nancy Pelosi, 04/27/04

So, in 2003, you said 2.7 million were lost, now with over 1 million new jobs since last August, you RAISE the lost job number to 2.8 million? Yeah, you’re in touch with reality. Have the Democrats gotten to such a point of desperation that you guys have decided that there’s no longer any use in trying to hide the lies, you’ve decide just to come out wagging your collective fingers and telling us that we should believe your completely inaccurate version of the truth? It’s a sad day for y’all, ain’t it?

Now you’re saying, “It is time for a new approach. It is time for real leadership. The Republicans have not led on the economy - Democrats will.” Wow, you can’t even get an original line, you have to steal from the successful Republican campaign slogan of the 2000 election? Well, I guess the good news is if you keep stealing lines from Republicans, at least you’ll finally be speaking the truth…even if you don’t recognize it.

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