Texas Rainmaker
June 15th, 2004 9:35 am

The L.A. Times Poll: It’s what it doesn’t say that is so telling…

L.A. Times Poll Shows Voters Favor Kerry
LOS ANGELES - Democratic candidate John Kerry leads President Bush 51 percent to 44 percent among American voters in a two-way race for president, according to a Los Angeles Times poll published Thursday. source

When one reads the above article, they think they’re getting a sense of what the outcome of November’s election might be. Those on the Right may get frustrated and those on the Left jump for joy…. but does the article and underlying poll really tell us what we think it does?

Not a chance.

TWISTED: LA Times Poll Had Sample With 38% Democrats, 25% Republicans
Sen. John Kerry “has taken big lead,” according “to an L.A. Times poll.”

But the Times poll that showed Kerry “beating Bush by 7 points” has created a controversy over whether the poll’s sample accurately reflects the population as whole.

“Not counting independents, the Times’ results were calculated on a sample made up of 38 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans — a huge and unheard-of margin.” source

So, instead of a resounding Kerry victory and shameful Bush defeat, as the L.A. Times wants America to believe is going to happen - the real story is the fact that despite PACKING THEIR POLL WITH 13 PERCENT MORE DEMOCRATS, the L.A. Times poll has Kerry leading by ONLY SEVEN POINTS.

That, my friends, appears to be a bigger story than the bogus article touting a bogus poll. I think Bush supporters can take comfort in the fact that when media outlets stack their polls to achieve the results they want to publish, they still can’t seem to get Democrats to support Kerry in wholesale. I’m sorry, but 13 percent more Democrats in the poll ought to give the Democrat candidate more than just a seven point lead…..

Once again, the liberal media elitists don’t think you dumb, average Americans will do any research and will instead rely on what they spoonfeed you…. unfortunately, there are some out there with bibs ready and waiting.

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