Texas Rainmaker
June 23rd, 2004 6:00 am

Give me a break

First, I read the headline: “Bush Claimed Right to Waive Torture Laws”. I think to myself, “boy the Left is going to jump all over this.” Then I have to read nearly to the end of the long article to find this:

“I accept the legal conclusion of the attorney general and the Department of Justice that I have the authority under the Constitution to suspend Geneva as between the United States and Afghanistan, but I decline to exercise that authority at this time,” the president said in the memo, entitled “Humane Treatment of al-Qaida and Taliban Detainees.”

So the headline has left the impression with the average person unwilling to actually read the entire article that Bush has somehow personally declared himself above international laws relating to the treatment of prisoners in an attempt to paint Bush as a monster and insinuate that he ordered “torture” of the terrorists held at Abu Ghraib. It’s pretty sickening what passes for journalism these days. Perhaps we ought to demand a “truth in headlines” requirement, like the FDA requires on food labels, where the headline must refer to the actual ingredients of the article.


and in other news…. well, actually, the same article, we see a list of items “Donald Rumsfeld approved” regarding the terrorists captured.

Let’s do a simple comparison between the evil U.S. regime and the rat bastard terrorists we’re fighting:

Rumsfeld: Use of 20-hour interrogations.
Terrorists: Beheading a live human being.

Rumsfeld: Removal of all comfort items, including religious items.
Terrorists: Burning alive and hanging from bridges.

Rumsfeld: Removal of clothing.
Terrorists: Flying airplanes into office buildings.

Rumsfeld: Using detainees’ individual phobias such as fear of dogs to induce stress.
Terrorists: Detonating a truck bomb outside office complex or residence.

Sometimes it just simply amazes me that we’re having to fight a battle on two fronts. One against those who wish to kill us by any means necessary…. and the other against those who wish to afford the first group the benefit of the doubt at every turn.

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