Texas Rainmaker
June 25th, 2004 9:55 am

What a difference 4 years makes….

In December, 2000, when all indications were pointing to a slowing economy, the Clinton administration was accusing incoming President Bush of “talking down the economy.”

“When most experts are still projecting solid growth and a soft landing, a new president should not be hurting confidence by talking down his economy,” White House National Economic Adviser Gene Sperling said.

White House officials sent that unified message Thursday on the heels of a
series of public statements by Bush that the economy might be tanking.

“It is important to be guarded and measured in what you say about the
economy,” White House Press Secretary Jake Siewart said Thursday. Siewart
said that most analysts agree that the economy will grow by around 2.5
percent next year and statements to the contrary could be detrimental.

“It is important for an economic team that is part of the government to be
careful about what they say,” Siewart said. “People take these comments very seriously.”

Just 3 months later, an official recession had been declared. It wasn’t a big surprise, as the bottom had fallen out in the Spring of 2000. But Democrats certainly couldn’t have Americans thinking their “legacy” of alleged peace and prosperity was tanking. No, they had to blame the economy on a President who hadn’t even taken office yet. It was either that or ignore all the signs, stick their fingers in the ears and march around yelling “la, la, la”. I guess they chose to do both.

Now, here we are 4 years later. We’ve come through the downturn and most signs are showing strong economic growth. So where are the Democrats? Well, they started with comments about the economy being the worst in 50 years. They claimed the markets were down, confidence was low and things were just bad. Then when the markets kept moving up and consumer confidence strengthened, they blamed Bush for losing more jobs than any President since Hoover. Nevermind that we suffered the worst terror attack, exposed massive corporate scandals that had been proliferating through the 90s, fought two wars and many jobs had become obsolete thanks to technology, that doesn’t matter to them. And when Bush’s plan created over a million new jobs in less than a year, what did they say? Well, they claimed they weren’t the “right kind of jobs.” Imagine that.

So in spite of the real numbers showing an economy that’s is actually growing, John Kerry is on the campaign trail, claiming the American middle class has been faring miserably under President Bush’s stewardship of the economy. (source) Kerry’s even gone so far as to create his own version of the misery index. Why did he create his own version? Because the original calculation of the misery index shows the economy at a level rarely bettered since WWII.

But, not surprisingly, we don’t hear complaints from Democrats about John Kerry “talking down the economy.”

Friggin’ hypocrites.

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