Texas Rainmaker
July 6th, 2004 9:09 am

But I was against him before I was for him…

“In the Senate four years � and that is the full extent of public life � no international experience, no military experience, you can imagine what the advertising is going to be next year,” Mr. Kerry said. With a grin, he added: “When I came back from Vietnam in 1969 I don�t know if John Edwards was out of diapers then.�
(source: Adam Nagourney and Jim Rutenberg, �With Hopes Up And Elbows Out, Democrats Give Iowa Their All,� The New York Times, 1/19/04)

“I think the American people want an experienced hand at the helm of state,” said Kerry, who has spent 19 years in the Senate compared with Edwards� five. “This is not the time for on-the-job training in the White House on national security issues.”
source: (Mark Z. Barabak, �Diverse States May Reshape The Democratic Race Today,� Los Angeles Times, 2/3/04)

“I have chosen … a man whose life has prepared him for leadership,”

Let’s review. Edwards “wasn’t out of diapers during Vietnam”, would be “on-the-job training in the White House on national security issues”, has only been in the Senate for “four years”, has “no international experience” and “no military experience”…..but he’s the best pick for “A stronger America”…. Interesting.

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