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The coverup begins…
July 20th, 2004 3:33 am

President Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger, is the focus of a criminal investigation after admitting he removed highly classified terrorism documents from a secure reading room during preparations for the Sept. 11 commission hearings, The Associated Press has learned.

Trying to clean up the mess, eh? 

“I deeply regret the sloppiness involved, but I had no intention of withholding documents from the commission, and to the contrary, to my knowledge, every document requested by the commission from the Clinton administration was produced,” Berger said in a statement to the AP.

Oh, just needed some reading material for the bathroom at home? Does anyone buy this line? I mean, he TOOK THE DAMN DOCUMENTS and he’s claiming he had no intention of withholding them? Come on, this is clintonesque.
He regrets the sloppiness? TRANSLATION: I’m sorry I got caught. 

When asked, Berger said he returned some of the classified documents, which he found in his office, and all of the handwritten notes he had taken from the secure room, but said he could not locate two or three copies of the highly classified millennium terror report.

But of course not. But hey, we should all just assume they were irrelevant documents, right? I mean, we should think this was all some big misunderstanding… 

“When I was informed by the Archives that there were documents missing, I immediately returned everything I had except for a few document that I apparently had accidentally discarded,” he said.

Yeah, try that defense the next time you rob a bank. “But when asked, I returned all the money….well, except the money I’d already spent”. 

Berger and his lawyer said Monday night he knowingly removed handwritten notes he had taken from classified anti-terror documents he reviewed at the National Archives by sticking them in his jacket and pants.

STICKING THEM IN HIS JACKET AND PANTS…. HIS JACKET AND PANTS!!!!  This isn’t just a case of forgetting to leave them behind when he’s done reading them, this is willful THEFT.
BUT, he claims:

“In the course of reviewing over several days thousands of pages of documents on behalf of the Clinton administration in connection with requests by the Sept. 11 commission, I inadvertently took a few documents from the Archives,” Berger said.

Now let’s review his statements again, together:

I inadvertently took a few documents from the Archives … by sticking them in [my] jacket and pants…

Holy hell.  Did he really just say that?????
What’s sadder is that someone out there is going to buy this crap.
By the way, are we supposed to assume they were irrelevant documents? We really shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that they were important simply because the NSA for the Clinton administration took them before the 9/11 Commission could see them, right? We really ought to give them the benefit of the doubt and still blame Bush, right? 

Some drafts of a sensitive after-action report on the Clinton administration’s handling of al-Qaida terror threats during the December 1999 millennium celebration are still missing.

Or not…
I guess some people will do anything to hide the real legacy of the Clinton administration.
These people really think Americans are idiots. It’s one thing to carry out this deed in the first place, but to have such disrespect for the country to have a defense like that is unconscionable. 

Berger served as Clinton’s national security adviser for all of the president’s second term and most recently has been informally advising Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Well, we know what kind of administration we could expect, huh.  I’m gonna make a stretch and say, “no thanks” now.
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