Texas Rainmaker
July 25th, 2004 5:28 am
Kerry “Rolls” into Detroit…
In yet another display of John Kerry being out of touch with the average American, here’s what his press-pass logo looked like when the team rolled into Detroit, the Motor City.

For those of you that don’t know, that’s a Rolls-Royce 100EX luxury convertible concept car.  Why was this such an ironic choice of logos?  Aside from the cashmere lining under the hood and dark Curzon leather upholstery, mahogany and teak wood inside the passenger cabin, that is…

1.  Kerry has focused his campaign on the “plight of the American blue-collar worker”.  He’s pandered to the unions only the way a Democrat can.  So what does it say about his “promises” when he rolls into Detroit with the logo of a FOREIGN automaker?  Kerry’s take:  �I�ve met steelworkers and mineworkers and autoworkers who have seen their jobs and equipment unbolted before their eyes and shipped overseas.�

2.  The typical Rolls-Royce generally comes off the assembly line (outside of America) with a sticker price of $200,000+.  I’m sure the average American will take two.

So what does Joe America think of this?  “That’s an insult to the auto worker, it’s an insult to the American worker, it’s an insult to mainstream America,” said Sam Burwell from Corunna, Mich., a third-generation auto worker for General Motors. “It also shows who he’s really in touch with: his European, elitist French friends and not Americans like me. A Rolls-Royce, for cryin’ out loud.”

The Kerry campaign’s response:  “It was an honest mistake.”

Wasn’t that Mr. Berger’s defense recently?  I see a campaign slogan forming….



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