Texas Rainmaker
August 1st, 2004 8:16 am

Lawsuits, records and music - A collection of Left-Wing Lunacy

First, it seems John Kerry wants to take Osama bin Laden to court. Kerry said, “I want him tried for murder in New York City, and in Virginia and in Pennsylvania.”

Oh really? And how much would THAT cost American taxpayers? I mean, for the love of God, Osama bin Laden has, on multiple occasions admitted, via video, audio, handwritten notes and more, conducting terror operations against innocent Americans. Why in the hell would we waste the time or MONEY trying him in court? Give me a break, Mr. Kerry, trials are for determining innocence or guilt - we already know the answer. Stop playing politics with this and be a man. Admit that we’d be doing him justice if we only spent a month torturing him before we took his head off. Taking bin Laden to court is the most idiotic thing I think I’ve heard from a politician in my life.

Next, Kerry said, “They don’t have a record to run on so all they can do is attack.” The artful liberal attacks while accusing his opponents of doing so. Let me ask you this, Mr. Kerry, when do you plan on running on YOUR record? Your record of being the most liberal Senator alive. Your record of working for Michael Dukakis. Your record of campaigning for George McGovern. Your record of calling your fellow soldiers, still in harm’s way, murderers and criminals. Your record of voting against military spending. Your record of voting for wars and against supplying the needed gear. Your record of claiming Saddam was a threat, including claims he had WMDs (long before Bush came to Washington). Your record of owning majority shares (with your wife) in a company that outsources most of its jobs. Your record of never being able to answer a question directly. Your record of being just another political hack that proves term limits would be a great thing.

Finally, I think the Democrats’ choice for Convention songs was the most appropriate in history. You see, they chose a song by the “Black Eyed Peas” called, “Let’s Get It Started”. But apparently, someone forgot to mention to Terry McAuliffe or John Kerry that the original song, as released, was “Let’s Get Retarded“.

The original song includes gems like, “…We got 5 minutes for this to disconnect from all intellect…”

For you guys, I’ll buy that.

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