Texas Rainmaker
August 23rd, 2004 5:43 pm
But, but, but he won’t denounce the ads against Johnny….

I know it was very unclear where Bush stood on the whole 527 advertising issue. I mean, afterall, he only said, “what I think we ought to do is not have them on the air.” Seriously, how could the average person think that meant he was against them? Afterall, he didn’t say dammit or hell. Surely it wasn’t a real condemnation. He could’ve been clear like the Kerry campaign, who absolutely, unequivocally stated, “what MoveOn.org is doing is perfectly fine, while what the Swift Boat Veterans are doing is “dishonest” and “dishonorable”.” Now that’s pure, unadulterated condemnation if I’ve ever seen it…..

Now Bush is out again, opening questions about Kerry’s service by denouncing ads that question John Kerry’s Vietnam war record — and all other attack ads by outside groups as well. Such a hate-monger. He again said Kerry served honorably in Vietnam, really piling on to the idea that Kerry is unfit for command. When Bush says the anti-Kerry ad — plus all others by ostensibly independent groups — are “bad for the system”, we must assume he’s just a right wing, Christian fanatical hell bent on world domination for saying such a thing.

So when will he ever denounce the ads?

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