Texas Rainmaker
September 15th, 2004 5:46 pm
With Respect, Dan, Answer The Questions…
Since you seem to think that fake documents are to be answered in order to prove them false:

“With respect: answer the questions,” said Dan Rather, the CBS News anchor. He was asking a direct question to President George W. Bush, his re-election campaign and his political allies in the press and on the Web. “We�ve heard what you have to say about the documents and what you�ve said and what your surrogates have said, but for the moment, answer the questions. “I say that with respect,” he added. “They�d be a lot stronger in their campaign if they did do that.”

I have a document for you….

Dan, I have this memo that appears to show that you’re a terrorist sympathizer. Are you? Did you forge a friendship with Saddam during your meeting with him last year? Are you working to oust the current President of the United States in favor of your American-hating comrades?

Now, I can produce the same experts you did and get them to testify that, in fact, there exist typewriters somewhere on earth that could’ve produced the document, and I could call some document experts and ask them to authenticate this over the phone without actually seeing the document, and I could ignore warnings that I shouldn’t publish this because it may not be true….
…but in the end, I ask you, Dan…. with respect, just answer the questions. You’d be a lot stronger in your journalism if you just did that.
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