Texas Rainmaker
September 16th, 2004 2:14 am
The Pandering Idiot…

Kerry once again stumbles in front of a crowd while trying to curry favor with constituents and proving he’s just making this shit up as he goes.

At a campaign event last month, the Democratic presidential nominee called the hallowed grounds upon which the Packers play football “Lambert Field” (Hey John, it’s Lambeau) — a slip of the tongue carried on television, in papers throughout the state and on ESPN’s Web site.

And back on August 1st, Kerry dug a huge hole for himself in Michigan, saying, “There is nothing better than Buckeye football, period!” In MICHIGAN!

In July, John Kerry, asserting himself to be a true Bostonian professed to be a big fan of Boston Red Sox baseball player “Manny Ortez,” then re-emphasized the phoofery by correcting it to “David Ortez.” (Note to Kerry: It’s Manny Ramirez)

This was reminiscent of a few years back when Kerry went on a Boston radio station and said “my favorite Red Sox player of all time is The Walking Man, Eddie Yost,” who never played for the Red Sox.

On March 10, John Kerry said, “Let me tell you something, when Matthew Shepard gets crucified on a fence in Wyoming because, because, only because he was gay,” Kerry said, “and Mr. King gets dragged behind a truck down Texas by chains and his body is mutilated only because he’s gay, I think that’s a matter of rights in the United States of America.” Kerry, however, misstated Byrd’s last name, and referred to Byrd’s sexuality when he should have referred to his race.

John, stick to your talking points and scripted speeches. Apparently you’re not capable of venturing outside the bounds of your prepared statements. I find it ironic that your side claims your opponent is the idiot, when you consistently prove you’re up to the challenge to take the title. Somebody call Terry McAulliffe and arrange for a verbal leash for this moron before he puts an eye out or something.

UPDATE: It’s official, the 527 organization “Football Fans for Truth” is launched. It’s time Kerry comes clean with Americans… he’s really just a band geek parading as a sports fan.

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