Texas Rainmaker
September 21st, 2004 5:42 pm
The Democrats love to play dirty, then accuse their opponents of malfeasance….

Just like John Kerry not introducing legislation to continue the assault weapons ban, then blaming Bush for letting the old one expire, the Democrats are now blaming Republicans for the conspiracy they, themselves, set into motion.

Back on September 14, Terry McAulliffe launched ‘Project Fortunate Son‘ to coincide with Dan Rather’s hit piece on 60 Minutes about Bush’s National Guard Service. While Joe Lockhart, a Kerry campaign adviser was discussing forged documents with Bill Burkett, an admittedly partisan hack with a score to settle, the Dan Rather was tossing softball questions to Ben Barnes, a Vice Chair, and top fundraiser, of the Kerry campaign. Both CBS and the DNC continued to maintain that even if the documents were fake, Bush was somehow obligated to respond to the contents. They even ignored warnings from independent document experts (because they knew they were fakes) and instead went fishing for more partisan hacks to put on the air, like Marian Carr Knox, the secretary of a dead man - who was admittedly critical of Bush, calling him “unfit for office.” Such a beautifully orchastrated and concerted effort. To say nothing of the ridiculousness of requiring the accused to respond to fake documents alleging false claims. They’ve lost their friggin’ minds.

This whole charade was transparent from the outset. But the Democrats are so desperate now, they’re actually accusing Republicans of some Vast Right Wing Conspiracy* again to deflect attention away from themselves.

So let me get this straight:

1. The same week the DNC launches a campaign about Bush’s Guard service

2. CBS airs a hit piece about Bush’s Guard service

3. CBS uses forged documents to support its hit piece

4. The forged documents were supplied by a guy who has been proven to provide falsities in the past and was known to have a grudge against Bush

5. The Kerry Campaign spoke with the source prior to the CBS show and DNC campaign

6. CBS hired experts who told them the documents were fakes

7. CBS interviewed a Kerry campaign Vice Chair to support its hit piece

8. The man referred to in the documents contradicts the documents’ contents about Bush

9. CBS dug a deeper hole hiring experts and old ladies who would continue to bash Bush and claim the fake documents weren’t fake

10. CBS finally admits the documents were fake, but says Bush should still answer the charges contained within them

and somehow this is all a conspiracy cooked up by the Republicans. Beautiful.

*(Assuming this really was created by Republicans, how hard would it have been for CBS to not “get duped” considering they had experts telling them the documents were fake and never bothered to interview the secretary or the man mentioned in the documents, and how dumb are the Democrats who had access to the source and still launched their false campaign - which they’re still sticking with, by the way….interesting considering they’re claiming it was all a Republican prank)

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