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October 12th, 2004 1:19 pm
Fairness As Defined By The Left

It doesn’t get more transparent than this.

Sinclair Broadcasting Group will preempt the programming of their networks on its 62 stations and run the 42-minute movie “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” between Oct. 21 and Oct. 24. The movie takes aim at the youthful Kerry’s testimony before the U.S. Senate in 1971, when he talked about alleged atrocities committed by American soldiers during the Vietnam War. SBG has even invited John Kerry to join a panel discussion to present a balanced offering.

DEMOCRAT RESPONSE: In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, 18 senators, including Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), urged FCC chairman Michael Powell to investigate Sinclair’s strategy.


Filmmaker Michael Moore and the distributors behind “Fahrenheit 9/11″, the anti-Bush movie that has been proven to be full of errors and lies, are in talks to bring his movie to pay-per-view television on the eve of the U.S. presidential election.


It’s obvious why: “The worry by Democrats is that the [movie about John Kerry’s actual testimony] could sway undecided voters in swing states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, where Sinclair owns a number of TV stations. “

Update: The “FCC” has issued a statement on the matter. Unfortunately this “political rant” raises more questions than answers….

Commissioner Michael J. Copps reacted to reports that Sinclair Broadcast Group will preempt more than 60 local stations across the country to air an overtly political program in the days prior to the Presidential election.

Copps stated: �This is an abuse of the public trust. And it is proof positive of media consolidation run amok when one owner can use the public airwaves to blanket the country with its political ideology — whether liberal or conservative. Some will undoubtedly question if this is appropriate stewardship of the public airwaves. This is the same corporation that refused to air Nightline�s reading of our war dead in Iraq. It is the same corporation that short-shrifts local communities and local jobs by distance-casting news and weather from hundreds of miles away. It is a sad fact that the explicit public interest protections we once had to ensure balance continue to be weakened by the Federal Communications Commission while it allows media conglomerates to get even bigger. Sinclair, and the FCC, are taking us down a dangerous road.�

So who is this FCC Commissioner? Michael J. Copps is a DEMOCRAT DONOR. In addition to giving money to DNC Services Corp in 2000, he gave money to Bill Clinton in 1996, Fritz Hollings in 1992 and 1998 (remember the Hollings editorial claiming Bush created more terrorists?).

That would explain why he wants to help suppress this movie.

Update 2: My friend Rick says my comparing SBG’s programming with Michael Moore on pay-per-view isn’t an adequate comparison. After further review of his analysis, I agree. So, in response, I’ve decided to nix the comparison to Michael Moore, and make the case by comparing the “Stolen Honor” program SBG wants to air with a recent airing of another story that wasn’t flattering for a political candidate.

In fairness to his argument let’s consider this. CBS runs a story under the guise of “news” and gets a Kerry campaign “Vice Chair” to testify to the veracity, while trotting out fake documents to support the story. Meanwhile, no effort is made to balance the story and, in fact, efforts are made to blatantly ignore facts that contradict the premise of the story including the supporting fake documents and claims of the Kerry “Vice Chair”.

Compare that to SBG’s desire to run a story completely based on John Kerry’s UNDER OATH TESTIMONY, even INVITING JOHN KERRY to participate on a panel to discuss and defend his position.

Hmmm….still not seeing the equality.

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