Texas Rainmaker
October 14th, 2004 5:32 pm
Terry McAuliffe Admits John Kerry Not Strong Enough to Win On His Merits

After fighting like hell to keep voters from having a choice in the election, Terry McAuliffe and his DNC are now gloating over the fact they were successful in keeping Nader off the ballot in PA. In a show worthy of a third ground “nanny nanny boo boo” exchange, McAuliffe said, “[Nader] couldn’t get 50,000 signatures in Pennsylvania without including Fred Flintstone, a stone age cartoon character”. Such class.

But in a very revealing moment in the Press Release, McAuliffe pled with Ralph Nader to “endorse John Kerry so that George Bush doesn’t get another four years…”

The Left has been accusing Bush of being a moron and a draft dodger over and over again… and yet, they have to cry to a virtual non-existent third party candidate for help in getting their decorated Vietnam vet with 20 years in the Senate elected.

Oh, the irony is almost too much.

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