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What Democrats Really Think of Blacks
October 29th, 2004 9:10 pm

An interesting little story in the NY Post highlights the true nature of the Democrat party’s attitude towards blacks. They simply look at them as a guaranteed bloc vote and nothing more. There’s no true desire to advance the hopes and dreams of blacks, there’s only a desire to pander and purchase the vote. There’s no true desire to see equality for all, there’s simply a few token, election-year stops at black churches and an assumption that blacks will expectedly pull the blue lever.

But instance like the one highlighted by the NY Post show why polls are indicating an unprecedented increase in support for the Republican President among blacks.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, Kerry gave a speech at a high school in the small town of Xenia, outside Dayton. Nearby is Wilberforce University � the oldest private historically black institution of higher learning, whose president is former Rep. Floyd Flake (D-Queens).

A rally, mainly of students from Wilberforce and its sister school, Central State University, was staged at the Wilberforce campus. Organizers were led to believe that if there were at least 100 people, Kerry’s motorcade would make a quick stop.

Eventually 150 students and supporters � including congressional candidate Kara Anastasio � gathered for four hours on a cold (rainy and snowy) Ohio day.

And the Kerry caravan drove right on by. All the long-suffering got from the candidate was a clenched “victory” fist out the window.

According to Shavon Ray, president of Wilberforce’s NAACP, the students were devastated � with comments such as “This is why I don’t vote.”

Ray told the local NAACP chapter the affair was a “slap in the face.”

After the incident � and Ray’s criticism � made the local paper, the Democratic Party sent one Ken Miller to Wilberforce to meet with Ray. He offered 50 tickets � and 8 VIP tickets � to a Kerry event in Dayton.

Ray declined what she saw as “hush tickets.” Taking seriously the idea that the NAACP is supposed to be non-partisan, Ray turned the tickets over to Wilberforce’s student government.

Next, Miller offered to have Rev. Al Sharpton stop by as a speaker. That annoyed Ray even more: “We don’t want a black face to speak to black students.”

The final straw was when Miller said Sharpton would be sent to speak to Central State University � along with X-rated rapper Foxy Brown.

When Ray reminded Miller that they didn’t want anything to do with Sharpton, Miller allegedly responded, “What do you want � Kerry to lose the fucking race? We got you Al Sharpton. What more do you want?

What more do you want? Perhaps a political party that respects you for more than just your ballot.

Meanwhile, this past Wednesday, George W. Bush had a huge rally in the Pontiac Silverdome in the battleground state of Michigan. On stage with him were two of the most popular black gospel singers � Marvin Winans and Freeport, Long Island’s own Donnie McClurkin.

Hat tip: Mark

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