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November 4th, 2004 7:53 am
Welcome to Bush Country.

I was honored to participate in the 72 Hour Legal Task Force in Northeast Philadelphia over the past few days and I will document my experience in another post shortly.

But for now, let me just say a few words about what these election results mean.

George W. Bush reached out to the American people, laid out his case, and asked for our support. We delivered with the most votes for a Presidential candidate in history.

This election was a battle between conservative values and loud mouth liberalism. The margin of victory was over 3.5 million.

This election would show France, Germany, China and all the other countries that conspired with our enemies, whether we, as a nation, stood with our President or not. President Bush got over 50% of the popular vote, something Bill Clinton never received.

This election also carried some initiatives on issues the Left said would be President Bush’s downfall. All 11 states that voted on recognizing Gay Marriage voted against the measure.

This election was a referendum on the Senate Minority Leader, the most powerful Democrat in the Senate, the voice of the Congressional Democrats, the guy who blamed conservative talk radio for everything under the sun, a man who’d served for 18 years in the Senate… and he was defeated.

This election was a referendum on mainstream media (MSM). Tactics of smear and fear, fake documents, edited stories, slanted reporting and liberal lies masquerading as journalism were on the ballot. Did America support this vitriol and hate or is America finally tired of it? Counties that supported Bush covered 3.28 million square miles compared with 741,000 for the other side.

The election was a response to 527 groups and the relevancy of Michael Moore, George Soros, the Hollywood elitists and all the other mega-rich loud mouths who thought America wanted to hear their verbal diarrea. Republicans added 4 Senate seats and at least 1 House seat.

This election was a response to the 2000 elections and all those false claims that Bush was not the legitimate President. It was America’s chance to reaffirm the claims of either side of the argument. President Bush won Florida 52% to 47%.

This election was going to send a message to terrorists about our resolve, our courage and our heart and soul. USA Today’s headline reads: Clear mandate will boost Bush’s authority, reach


… to Bush Country.

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