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November 17th, 2004 2:12 pm
UN-Conscionable - Part II

How hard is it to understand the issue?

Those who say Iraq wasn’t part of the War on Terrorism apparently don’t understand the definition of “terrorism.”

It has long been established that Saddam paid bounties of $15,000 to $25,000 to the Palestinian families of the murderers. Hyde’s committee will reveal at the hearing that some of the reward money was deposited from illegal profits Saddam made by demanding 10 percent kickbacks on all the contracts of companies that did business with the U.N.’s Oil-for-Food program. Those funds were then deposited with other Iraqi money, such as Jordanian Oil-for-Food oil payments, into the Central Bank of Iraq account in the Rafidain Bank in Amman, Jordan. The funds were then transferred to another account in the bank controlled by Iraq’s ambassador to Jordan Sabah Yaseen. It was from Yaseen’s account that Saddam’s officials would cut and hand out checks to the homicide bombers’ families…

Watch the instant replay:

1. Oil For Food transaction between conspiring country and Iraq/Saddam.

2. 10% Kickback on each transaction deposited into Central Bank of Iraq account.

3. Funds transferred to Iraq’s ambassador to Jordan.

4. Checks cut and given to families of terrorists.

Do you still deny a connection between Saddam/Iraq and terrorism?

Then there are those who continue to say that George W. Bush has alienated our allies through stubborn arrogance or downright ignorance in the Iraqi war. But to say such a thing completely ignores the context behind our “allies” and their selfish and criminal actions:

[The Duelfer Report] shows how Saddam evaded U.N. sanctions from 1997 to 2003 by illicitly selling oil through other countries and bribing world leaders, up-and-coming politicians, journalists, businesses, even the U.N. itself. In the process he cleared $11 billion in illegal profits.

The report names names. Anyone who could help him regain weapons of mass destruction was a target. He settled on Russia, France and China � three of the five U.N. Security Council members that, with the stroke of a veto pen, could stop the U.N. from going to war or end economic sanctions against his country. …

[The list] includes Charles Pasqua, France’s former interior minister; Megawati Sukarnoputri, president of Indonesia; and Benon Sevan, former head of the U.N.’s Iraq sanctions program. Also named are a large number of Russian government officials, including Vladimir Putin’s Chief of Staff, Alexander Voloshin and fixers and the governments of Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and China.

Please explain to me just how these folks can be considered “allies.” Aren’t allies supposed to be friends? Aren’t allies those working WITH you, not AGAINST you? Would “allies” do this:

A member of the French Parliament, according to a memo sent to Saddam in May 2002, “assured Iraq that France would use its veto in the U.N. Security Council against any American decision to attack Iraq.” That is, once bribed, France would stay bribed.

Let’s go back to the instant replay again:

1. U.N. approves sanctions against Iraq after the 1990 Gulf War.

2. Oil For Food program instituted to help Iraqi citizens live under sanctions.

3. Saddam works with government officials from France, Russia and other countries to steal money from Oil For Food program.

4. Saddam intends to erode sanctions and reconstitute WMD programs using stolen money.

5. Saddam uses stolen money to pay for terrorism (see above).

6. U.S. in a post-9/11 world wants to disrupt Saddam’s ties to terrorism and insure he doesn’t get WMDs to use or provide to terrorists.

7. France vows to veto any action in U.N. Security Council relating to the use of force against Iraq in exchange for continued business.

With allies like this, who needs enemies? It certainly explains why Jacques Chirac is still criticizing the Iraq War.

Finally, there are some who still think the U.N. as a world body has credibility to do anything. Wrong.

“Witnesses at the Senate Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (search) told lawmakers Monday that Saddam got away with the scam because the Security Council made the mistake of letting him pick the buyers and sellers of Iraq’s oil, which in effect let Saddam nearly completely control the relief program” …

One official who allegedly received such [an oil] voucher was the Oil-for-Food program’s former director, Benon Sevan.

Let’s take a look at the final replay:

1. The U.N. imposes sanctions on Iraq.

2. The U.N. institutes a “humanitarian” program to aid innocent Iraqi citizens.

3. The U.N. essentially lets Saddam Hussein nearly completely control the program.

4. The Program’s former Director, Benon Sevan, is on saddam’s payroll.

It’s no wonder Iraq has become such a mess. It has nothing to do with “cowboy stubbornness” or “brash ignorance” by George W. Bush. Despite what the America haters and Bush haters keep spouting, the truth is that Saddam was sanctioned by a world body that would rather illegally deal with him than actually enforce the sanctions. The truth is that Saddam desired to rebuild his WMD programs and was getting close to completely eroding U.N. sanctions so he could accomplish his goal. The truth is our so-called “allies” were conspiring with Saddam and providing money to him which was, in turn, used to finance terrorism. The truth is the Bush administration was not only acting against a terror regime in Iraq, it was acting against conspiring nations like France, Russia and others.

Some say the circumstances surrounding Iraq were based on lies, manipulation and illegal actions by arrogant governments… I agree. Thank God George W. Bush had the fortitude to take a stand against it all.

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