Texas Rainmaker
November 20th, 2004 7:25 am
Who are the insurgents?

If this is true, it sure would impact those theories that Bush’s policy has made the world more unsafe:

BAGHDAD � Insurgents captured in Fallujah have told Iraqi military interrogators that most of those fighting in Fallujah were former security officers for the regime of Saddam Hussein.

The insurgents said Saddam organized special operations units, starting in 2001, to counter any foreign invasion in Iraq. Most of those units, the insurgents said, are still active in the Sunni Triangle. …

Officials said the Iraqi resistance appears to have changed tactics and no longer seeks a head-on clash with the U.S. military for the control of major cities. Instead, Saddam loyalists and foreign volunteers have launched attacks on police stations and other facilities meant to intimidate security forces and seize weapons and material.

These people weren’t friendly to America and have suddenly become hostile to us. The only thing that’s changed is their tactic. If you want to claim that means “terrorism” has increased because of our invasion, then you’re right to a point. But it’s intellectually dishonest to argue that increased terrorism, in Iraq, makes the world less safe. Really, it makes Iraq less safe, but then again, it’s a war zone, so anyone entering ought to have the expectation of danger.
But these former Saddam loyalists are fighting to the death in Iraq. They’re not hopping on planes bound for Chicago or Los Angeles to wipe out our cities. The terror operations they’re conducting are contained within Iraq.
Of course, it’s understandable so many would think the world is falling apart. When we see news 24 hours a day depicting increased car bombings and other terrorist attacks, it reminds us of the dangers we’re facing. But these “new terrorists” are fighting to regain power for a terror regime, they’re not formerly peaceful Iraqis who suddenly hate America for the war. They were part of the regime that was plotting to terrorize us before we launched the assault.
Just go back and connect the dots now.
1. You have these folks willing to conduct terrorism on American citizens.
2. Before we invaded, they controlled the government of a major middle eastern country.
3. They were conspiring with other nations through the U.N. Oil For Food Scandal to erode sanctions that would allow them to rebuild their WMDs programs.
4. Had they succeeded (which the Duelfer Report assesses they were) they would’ve been terrorists with nukes. Period.
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