Texas Rainmaker
November 27th, 2004 4:59 am
Because Conspiracies are More Reliable than Facts…

It’s comical to watch the Left flounder these days. One moment they’re praising blogs as a great check against MSM and the next they’re claiming blogs are nothing more than stupid parasites of opinion. And that’s just a single Newspaper.

Of course, you have to look at the context of the claims.

The praise is offered up for Left leaning blogs that barter in debunked conspiracies while the scorn is cast at Right leaning blogs that expose forged stories and real fraud in MSM

…thanks to a patchwork system of machine and paper ballots, a vast and confusing array of irregularities are turning up in many different counties. That means little coherence and much chaos, propelling wild rumours around the cyberspace, along with legitimate accounts of trouble.

But is that any reason to discount the story? What little MSM reporting there is of the irregularities is done with the intent of discrediting any potential case, however flimsy, against certifying the election results.

Of course not. Afterall, it’s par for the Leftist course - weren’t you guys the ones that bought Rather’s line: “fake, but accurate.”

So let’s keep the election stories alive despite the fact that even John Kerry’s own spokesman has said, “I’d give my right arm for Internet rumours of a stolen election to be true, but blogging it doesn’t make it so.” That’s right. The guy with the single-biggest stake in the outcome of the election is saying, “Give it a rest.” But that’s not good enough for those wacky “journalists” on the Left. Keep digging. You may soon figure out those of us on the Right aren’t the ones digging your graves.

Of course elitists usually don’t have a clue what’s happening in the real world.

But, just like trigger happy celebrants in the Middle East, who have yet to figure out that what goes up must come down, they can’t see that, by firing up at us, they will also kill themselves.

I think the analogy is better represented as you being a suicide bomber. Sure, you’ll take a few of us when you leave this place… but there will be more of us around tomorrow to tell the living world what a moron you are.

(Hat Tip: Powerline)

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