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Despite the candidate conceding his loss and most of the party accepting the outcome of the election, there are still some who will stop at nothing to retain power. What is so ironic about the continued whining by folks like John Conyers and Barbara Boxer is that they continue to question the validity of a certified election in the U.S. while Afghanistan and even the Palestinians are holding successful democratic elections… and Iraq is 2 weeks away.

I’m curious if Conyers and Boxer would care to rehash the 1960 election (Some speculate that Kennedy used his political connections to buy out votes in certain states. Nixon refused to challenge, saying that to do so would cause a constitutional crisis.).

Of course not.

I remember the Mayoral race here in 2001. In the middle of election day, when the incumbent Lee “Out of Town” Brown was behind Orlando Sanchez in the exit polling, several prominent local Democrats, including city councilman Jew Don Boney (yes, that’s his name), were flooding the local television news programs with calls for Justice Department inquiries and lawsuits. They were claiming all sorts of “rampant disenfranchisement of minorities” and “discrimination.” When the night was over, Brown won by about 10,000 votes. Suddenly the Democrats had no interest in the lawsuits and inquiries. But if the discrimination were so rampant and obvious, one would think the lawsuits and investigations ought to continue to insure the integrity of the election process. But no, the Democrats had no use for the courts when they’d won the election… to hell with those that were ‘disenfranchised’ and ‘discriminated’ against.

The Democrats aren’t interested in proper elections… they’re interested in winning… at all costs. Period.

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