Texas Rainmaker
February 4th, 2005 5:50 pm
Janeane God-Aweful-Ho: Verbal Diarrhea Extraordinaire…

Proving once again that even bottom of the barrel B-grade actors can get more publicity for being idiotic than being talented, Juh-neen showed the world that she’d prefer a return to nazi death camps over freedom and liberty.

Apparently during her idiotic rant on MSNBC last night, she compared the supportive gesture of Americans waving blue-stained fingers signalling to Iraqis that we stand with them in their transition to democracy to the nazi salute. Right on cue.

I guess someone might want to inform the parents of Shelby Dangerfield, then. Shelby is the 12 year old who got the ball rolling on the blue finger gesture. Those little nazis grow up so fast.

Captain Ed gives Juh-neen a little history lesson so she’s better informed next time she tries to resuscitate her non-existent career with public idiocy.

Protein Wisdom joins the pile-on.

Michelle just doesn’t understand B-grade, grungey, pot-induced, lesbian-persuaded, shower-avoiding, live-at-home-until-your-thirty, dipshit liberalism. Must be an acquired taste.

Kevin wants us all to email Juh-neen and thank her for making the world a safer place by pointing out all the scary little 12 year old nazis that have invaded our homeland.

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