Texas Rainmaker
February 13th, 2005 9:36 am
Hating the Pajamahadeen…

Mainstream Media (”MSM”) is proving again how arrogant the establishment has become. The recent case of Eason Jordan and MSM’s rush to excuse the lies and America-bashing are showing their real agenda. It used to be that news outlets existed for the sole purpose of disseminating “news”, that is, “items which were new to the public”. But as the industry has grown into a profit-driven system of monopolistic entities, it has a new goal… to manufacture stories that will sell more units of its product and increase revenue. To hell with “newsworthiness”… it’s all about “what sells”.

Such is the Eason Jordan affair. Here’s a guy who decided to make up a story on the spot and asserted that he knew of 12 journalists who had not only been killed by US troops in Iraq, but they had in fact been targeted. He repeated it a few times because it was drawing applause, but then began to backpedal when confronted and asked for evidence of such claim.

So here’s where the split between real journalism and manufactured, profit-driven journalism have encountered the great divide. MSM would like to pick up on Jordan’s assertions, without regard to any supporting evidence, and splash such concocted story across the headlines as well as lead the nightly news with it. But a person in search of the truth posts a record of the event on his blog and the story quickly works its way through the blogosphere, being filtered for truth as it advances.

For so long MSM has been in a position to press on with a story like Jordan’s without being held accountable for the veracity of the underlying claims. But now with the advent of talk radio, the Internet, and more specifically blogs, the public has the ability to respond publicly and demand truth. MSM just doesn’t like that.

Competition is not a friend to those who enjoy monopolies. That’s why you’re seeing MSM try to discredit the art of blogging, making wild claims ranging from bloggers are just “scalp-hunting sons of McCarthy who thwart the freedom of expression,” to bloggers are “salivating morons who make up the lynch mob.”

Apparently these MSM “journalists” have forgotten that truth is the ultimate goal. For them, though, I guess finding profits has replaced that goal.

It’s ironic to see MSM call bloggers “enemies of the First Amendment” when it’s the bloggers that are advancing the very definition of free speech. They call it “lynch mob”, but I see bloggers as the populist check on a corporate monopoly. Afterall, with respect to Eason Jordan’s claims there were only two things to take away… either his claim was true at which point we ought to question why MSM was not leading with such an important story… or his story was false, further proving that executives in MSM are biased against America, which is a story as well.

Since Eason Jordan backtracked on his initial claim when confronted, one can only logically assume his story wasn’t true, so the second of the two options I just listed was the real story. MSM adds fuel to the fire by refusing to cover that story in an attempt to protect one of its own.

But the story didn’t die under the wet blanket of MSM coverup. The story got traction among the real truthseekers and in a matter of days had been fully exposed for what it was: A biased reporter’s fabrication and the resulting coverup by MSM.

If you doubt that was the real story, just look again at the current attacks the MSM is launching on the blogosphere. I guess it’s more inappropriate to call attention to a CNN executive’s lies about U.S. soldiers’ actions than it is to fabricate stories of American soldiers murdering innocent journalists these days.

No wonder MSM s dying on the vine. They just don’t get it.

Update: Cox & Forkum always say it best in cartoon:

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