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March 9th, 2005 3:38 pm
Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

From UPI comes a story of an ex-marine, Nadim Abou Rabeh, who claims the story surrounding Saddam’s capture was fabricated by the U.S. military. He claims Saddam was really in a “modest home” shooting back at troops from a second story window and wasn’t dragged from a rat hole as originally stated. He also claims Saddam was actually captured a day earlier than reports claim.

But I have some questions about this story from the outset.

1. Why did this “ex” marine wait 15 months to announce this revelation?

2. Why is this Lebanese former soldier making these claims in Lebanon to a Saudi paper?

3. Where is the corroboration?

4. What led to him becoming an “ex” marine and does it have anything to do with this claim?

This story seems just too convenient, given the time lapse, his background and current status, and the state of affairs currently playing out in his home country over the past few days.

Not to mention, the darn thing has all the makings of a typical email spam-type hoax. “I was among the group that was there… backfill and mix in some elements of truth with other items that can’t be proved…”. I was expecting the end of the article to ask me to forward the story to as many people as I know or I’d have bad luck.

There’s surely more to this…

Update: If the capture happened on December 12th, like Rabeh claims, what was CNN correspondent Alphonso Van Marsh referring to when he reported that the 4th ID (the group that captured Saddam) left at 7:00pm and returned at 11:00pm on December 13th in a “very celebratory” mood?

Update II: Rabeh claims a marine of sudanese origin was killed in the gunfight with Saddam. But if you look at the list of casualties from that time period, there is no such casualty listed.

Spoon thinks the guy is a “nutjob”. I’m inclined to agree.
ETJ over at the Neoconservative blog who points out that it was Army Rangers, not Marines.

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