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March 16th, 2005 12:09 pm
New Jersey Secretary of State: Racist Regena Thomas

HADDON TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Some white students at a South Jersey Catholic school walked out of classes Tuesday in protest over a speech by the New Jersey Secretary of State Regina Thomas.

Many students and faculty members walked out of the speech offended. They said that she lambasted one student for not knowing his black history and that she insinuated that the students were racist.

Thomas issued a statement Tuesday in which she said that she is passionate about the topic of diversity and wanted to raise the level of awareness. She said that she never meant to be personal or critical of the students or the school.

So who is Regena Thomas?

Well, her bio on the New Jersey Department of State’s website says she:

1. Served as a partner at IEM Message Management, Inc., a voter contact firm specializing in grassroots organization and voter education

2. She served as a consultant to the Democratic Governor�s Association and is the former Director of Base Vote Operations for the Democratic National Committee

3. For 12 years, she worked for the National Rainbow Coalition and its founder, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, during his historic bids for the presidency in 1984 and 1988

She’s worked for Jesse Jackson, directed the pandering for the DNC and ran a voter fraud organization. No wonder Jim McGreevey thought so highly of her. (Nevermind the story behind that appointment… and McGreevey’s initial intent to move the New Jersey Division of Elections to the Department of State from the Department of Law & Public Safety after her appointment. What kind of games are these people playing? He tried to put the oversight of statewide elections under the sole direction of a nationally renowned Democrat activist? Amazing.

This is the same woman who claimed she would keep “her politics and her office” separate. Well, great, considering that’s THE LAW! (As secretary of state, Thomas is barred by law from engaging in any type of political activity.) Of course, she didn’t intend on keeping that promise, or following the law, because in August, 2004:

Also joining the Kerry team:
� Regena Thomas, secretary of state in New Jersey, will help the DNC’s voter turnout operation.

While helping Democrats “turn out the vote”, she fell back on the racist mantra:

Once targeted districts are identified, Thomas begins a pre-program consisting of direct mail, phone calls, and visits to voters’ homes. In the precinct mentioned above, for example, the Democrats sent six mailings to the 799 households that ncec had identified there. Crafting the mailings constituted a challenge, because Gore generated only tepid support among African Americans and George W. Bush proved a difficult man to demonize. And so Democrats did what they so often do when it comes to the black vote: They called the Republicans racist. One flyer featured Bush against the backdrop of a Confederate flag. Mail on behalf of Corzine said his opponent, Bob Franks, “thinks it’s OK to teach our kids in trailers” and “will be hazardous to your family’s health.” But the most effective piece of mail sent to black voters targeted a Republican who isn’t even running this year: It showcased the infamous picture of a smiling Whitman frisking a black man with his arms spread against a wall. “Republicans Like Governor Whitman Think Racial Profiling Is a Joke,” the caption read.

Racist Regena, along with three other black Democratic women�Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile; Bill Clinton’s political director, Minyon Moore; and Allison McLaurin of the Democratic Governor’s Association� called themselves “The Colored Girls Club.”

Ask yourself what would’ve happened if a white male, with a history of working for organizations that promoted racism and discrimination made the same kinds of comments towards the minority students at the school. Think it would’ve made New York Times front page?

Is Regena Thomas a champion for “diversity”? Hardly. A racist? Definitely.

African-American students took pride in the secretary’s visit.

“It made us feel good. It made us feel at home. She said a lot of things that I’ve wanted to say for years. She said it for me,” Minoh said.

Keep hate alive.

UPDATE: According to a blogger local to the incident, here are some samples of Racist Regena’s comments:

(to a black student) “You’re black. The world is against you. The boys and girls, to your right and left, are racists. I don’t need to know them or meet them. You can tell too, if you just look at that white skin.”

Racist Regena’s response?

“What I am getting is that maybe my style or format was misunderstood. If that is preventing the students from hearing what needs to be said, maybe it needs to be somebody else.”

No, Regena, it’s the content of your message, not the color of your skin. It’s not the fact that you yelled and screamed like an insane person, it’s that you tossed out racist comments under the very guise of pointing out racism. There doesn’t need to be “somebody else” to carry your racist message. What needs to happen is for you to stop your racist actions. That will go a long way in promoting what you call “justice of diversity”.

In fact, in interviews, both black and white students said racism doesn’t exist at the school. Some, however, said the controversy over the speech had caused tension.

Get it? There was no race tension at the school… until Racist Regena showed up. Now she’s got herself a cause to lobby against. Manufactured, just like her old days as a political activist out race-baiting for candidates.

Then she offered to pay off the school to shut them up. (Offering to match the $3000 given to the school by the V-Free grant).

Sorry, Racist Regena, this won’t go away that easy.

UPDATE 2: Pretty cool that this post, along with the crosspost at GOPBloggers is ranking first, second and third in a yahoo search of “regena thomas racist“. Ok, so I’m easily amused.

UPDATE 3: Kind of a funny find while researching Racist Regena Thomas. Apparently the Iowa Division of Latino Affairs has an interesting view of “fair and balanced”. In promoting their “June 17th: Proclamation/Political Awareness Day” last year, they include this: “featuring New Jersey Secretary of State, Regena Thomas (Republican) and Iowa State Representative Debra Berry (Democrat).” Probably not a surprise which way that debate went.

UPDATE 4: Another interesting tidbit on this woman who is barred by law from injecting politics into her position as Secretary of State:

In NJ: Arts Funding As Your Own Personal Slush Fund How did New Jersey (whose governor is proposing to cut state arts funding completely) distribute a $3 million supplemental fund for the arts this year? The state’s Secretary of State - with “bare-bones application forms and no written evaluation process” - unilaterally decided how it would be spent. Regena Thomas “conceded the applications were not measured against one another or ranked in any formal way. Rather, the winners - 33 out of 195 applicants - were chosen based on input from legislators and her own personal interests. All but $217,000 of the $3 million announced in January went to organizations located in Democratic districts.” A month after the grants were awarded, Governor McGreevey “called for the elimination of all cultural funding and the dismantling of the agencies that distribute that money.” Newark Star-Ledger 03/03/03


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