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April 20th, 2005 10:04 am
More news you shouldn’t expect to see in the MSM…

Stephanie Tubbs Jones, an Ohio Democrat who sits on the House ethics committee, took a 2001 trip to Puerto Rico that was paid for by a registered lobbyist firm � an apparent violation of the chamber’s ethics rules � according to documents that she filed with the House clerk. (Hat tip: Michelle)

Of course, she denies it all.

Miss Williams declined to provide The Washington Times with any evidence to support her assertion and refused to have either the lobbying firm or the group she says actually paid for the trip provide any documentation to prove her claim. In addition to the travel disclosure form, which was filed two weeks after Mrs. Jones’ return and bears her signature, the lobbyists also were listed as the trip’s sponsor in the financial disclosure forms she signed and filed at the end of the year.

Denials seem to be enough proof when the scandal involves Democrats, even when there is documentary evidence signed by the violator. But simply make an accusation about a Republican and two forms of ID, a blood test and a sacrifice of one’s first born still won’t minimize the press coverage.

I wonder why Nancy Pelosi isn’t holding hourly press conferences about Stephanie Tubbs Jones…

Also on the Vieques trip with Mrs. Jones, who was on the ethics committee at the time, were Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and other House members.


“Smith Dawson was put on the form in error,” Jones spokeswoman Nicole Williams said. “The invitation came from Todo Puerto Rico con Vieques. They hired Smith Dawson to handle logistics for the trip.” …

House rules specifically bar “registered lobbyists” from paying for trips by members. Private groups, such as Todo Puerto Rico con Vieques (TPRV), which opposed the Navy’s bomb-testing site on Vieques, are allowed to fund trips. …

Local press reports at the time described TPRV as an “anti-U.S. Navy” organization founded to oppose the Navy’s use of Vieques. The group is not officially listed as a registered lobbyist in House records.

Well, as long as they’re just treating members of Congress, who have the ability to enact legislation to support their cause, to a nice trip to the Carribean and not “lobbying” for anything…

I bet what happened here is that this trip was bought and paid for by the lobbyists for the purpose of lobbying and Pelosi and the others were smart shady enough to know not to put the name of the registered lobbyist on the forms… and Stephanie Tubbs Jones was just too ignorant to understand how the game is played. Great, now she’s ruined it for all the “appearance-of-being-ethical-only-when-others-are-looking” Democrats. Good job.

But the quote of the day goes to…

Leon Buck, chief of staff for Mrs. Jackson-Lee, initially said he had no record of his boss going on the trip. Told about her appearance in Vieques press reports at the time, he then dismissed the story. “This trip is four years old,” Mr. Buck said. “I’m not sure why this is even relevant.”

Nice try. Next time you try to lie and coverup for your boss, make sure there aren’t press reports about her, moron. Besides, we need get back to focusing on that eeeeeeevil Tom DeLay and his EIGHT year old trip.

I guess relevancy is a sliding scale with Democrats.

Update: For Pelosi, it now appears turnabout is fair play. (Hat tip: Matt)

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