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May 31st, 2005 12:27 pm
Indoctrination 101

Remember when teachers just taught reading, writing and arithmetic?

Here’s an example of our wonderful education system…

…Ms. Parmar’s course, called Language Literacy in Secondary Education, which students said is required of all Brooklyn College education candidates who aspire to become secondary-school teachers. In the fall semester, Ms. Parmar was the only instructor who taught the course, according to students. The course, which instructs students on how to develop lesson plans that teach literacy, is built around themes of “social justice,” according to the syllabus, which was obtained by The New York Sun. One such theme is the idea that standard English is the language of oppressors while Ebonics, a term educators use to denote a dialect used by African-Americans, is the language of the oppressed.

No wonder our kids are falling behind on the basics. And what happens when students object to this racist teacher?

Classroom clashes between the assistant professor, Priya Parmar, and one outspoken student led a sympathetic colleague of the instructor to conduct an informal investigation of the dispositions of the student, who the colleague said exhibited “aggressive and bullying behavior toward his professor.” That student and another one were subsequently accused by the dean of the education school of plagiarism and were given lower grades as a result.

According to the article, one student failed to attribute a question in his lesson plan that was paraphrased from a website and the other student admitted that she submitted a definition from the online Encarta encyclopedia. One would think their use of the works to create lesson plans would constitute Fair Use.

Some may think this isn’t a big deal since it’s one teacher affecting a handful of students. But apparently the college (Brooklyn College’s School of Education ) thinks it’s worthwhile enough to create an official policy around it.

The School of Education at the CUNY campus initiated last fall a new method of judging teacher candidates based on their “dispositions,” a vogue in teacher training across the country that focuses on evaluating teachers’ values, apart from their classroom performance.

Critics of the assessment policy warned that aspiring teachers are being judged on how closely their political views are aligned with their instructor’s. Now administrators have the ability to boot anyone that doesn’t carry the racist, anti-American hatred in their soul from obtaining the credentials to teach students the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Instead, as liberals prefer, teachers will be clones of Professor Priya Parmar, whose course-requirements include this preface:

“The need to maintain control over English by its native speakers has given birth to a policy of manipulative open-mindedness in which it is held that English belongs to all who use it provided that it is used correctly. This is the art of giving away the bride while insisting that she still belongs to you.” - South African scholar, Njabulo Ndebele

Keep in mind, Professor Parmar’s bio on CUNY’s website says her graduate courses are for:

    • Teach practicing elementary teachers presently certified to teach in New York City schools as well teaching Master level candidates in the New York City Teaching Fellows program in the area of language and literacy

    • Evaluate and assess student progress through debates, inquiry, presentations, and projects

    • Supervise and evaluate practicing elementary teachers in the New York City area schools

Why do elementary teachers need to be subject to this? How about if we evaluate whether they can teach reading, writing and math? Is that too hard to ask of our educational institutions? Instead, these racist liberals are turning our educational system into a joke.

Students also complained that Ms. Parmar dedicated a class period to the screening of an anti-Bush documentary by Michael Moore, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” a week before last November’s presidential election, and required students to attend the class even if they had already seen the film. Students said Ms. Parmar described “Fahrenheit 9/11″ as an important film to see before they voted in the election.

A senior fellow at the Lexington Institute in Virginia, Robert Holland, said: “The tight link between the accreditors and the multiculturalists indicates that social justice is being defined by those who despise the very ideal of an American common culture - considering it irredeemably racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.”

Exactly, and the “disposition policy” and teachers like Parmar ensure that the next generation of public school students will be educated solely by those teachers who have accepted the kind of extremist beliefs articulated by Professor Parmar.

Just how they want it. Oh the irony of them calling us Nazis.

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