Texas Rainmaker
June 15th, 2005 8:03 pm
Liberals Just Don’t GIT It…

I’m not going to add my commentary, I’ll simply post items straight from news sources and you can draw your own conclusions:

A dozen prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to “the battlefield” to fight against the United States, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Wednesday. “There are several people that we have released that we know have come back and fought against America because they have been recaptured or killed on the battlefield,” he said after meetings in Brussels with European Union officials.

Former President Carter called for the United States to shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison to demonstrate its commitment to human rights.

Joe Biden said that the United States should shut down the military prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan called the Guantanamo detention center “the Gulag of our time,” referring to the notorious prison camp system of the Soviet Union.

Vice President Dick Cheney says Guantanamo won’t be closed.

“It’s crucial to remember that the preventive detention of enemy combatants has never been thought of as a criminal matter in which a full-blown trial would be held,” said Michael Wiggins, a Justice Department lawyer.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld offered a lengthy rebuttal Tuesday to recent calls to close the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, arguing that intelligence gleaned from suspected terrorists held there has stopped planned attacks and led to more arrests.

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