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June 22nd, 2005 6:18 am
The Choice

Doctors in Virginia are keeping a brain dead woman alive to save her unborn child.

Susan Torres was 4-months pregnant when she had a sudden stroke last month - the result of a deadly melanoma cancer. Now doctors are keeping her alive - to help her child grow. But they worry the longer they wait the cancer may spread into the placenta. “You have a chance to save a life. But not just a life, the life of your own child… you’re going to do it. And I know for a fact, I know that Susan would do whatever she needed to save her child,” said father-to-be Jason Torres. Susan’s husband has quit his job to stay by her bed 24-7. Doctors say the child needs at least another month in the womb.

I wonder how the pro-abortion Left views this case where a woman barely clinging to life is still able to support another life within… a life they simply refer to as “a choice”.

Her family has set up a website to make updates and request donations to help with the medical costs. The latest update:

But some good news for everyone: On Monday, Jason and Susan’s parents felt the baby kick for the first time! A nice day. And a good reminder, amidst everything, of what this is all about.

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