Texas Rainmaker
July 7th, 2005 9:09 am
Still Think It’s About “American Arrogance”?

Al-Qaida Claims Killing of Egyptian Envoy

“We announce in the al-Qaida in Iraq that the verdict of God against the ambassador of the infidels, the ambassador of Egypt, has been carried out. Thank God,” a written statement in the Web posting said.

Hint… he was an Arab.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said the blasts that ripped through his city were “mass murder” carried out by terrorists bent on “indiscriminate … slaughter.”

This is a World War. It’s normal, civilized people versus mass-murdering thugs hellbent on using a warped view of Islam to justify killing innocent civilians. This isn’t about “America’s past transgressions” and it’s not about Bush (unless you think the terrorist attacks prior to the election of 2000 were just the terrorists anticipating his Presidency). While leaders of civilized countries are meeting in Scotland to discuss how to help those around the world less fortunate, terrorists are attacking the very foundation of freedom… because that’s what they hate.

This isn’t about “American arrogance” it’s about the arrogance of islamofascist criminals. Today, the whole world stands with Londoners. The barbaric acts affect us all. We are all in this together. And, hopefully, we have the resolve to remain strong as long as it takes.

Update: “Market reaction was relatively contained and partly reversed within hours as economists stressed the resilience of economies to both the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States and the March 11, 2004 Madrid attacks.” At least a little frustration in the terrorists’ desire to wreck global economies on top of killing innocent civilians.

Update 2: Right on schedule, the parade of left-wing lunacy. (Hat tip: Michelle) Blaming the bombings on “US-led coalition’s actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo” - but conveniently only calls for “remov[al of] people in the UK from “harm’s way” by ending the occupation of Iraq”. First off, what about Afghanistan? Second, removing “Britons from harm’s way” would include barring them from the subway and buses in downtown London. Do these folks really think “leaving them alone” will prevent further attacks? Seven months after Spain pulled out of Iraq in response to the 3/11 bombings, “police arrested seven suspected Islamic militants in raids across Spain to foil a planned bomb attack on the High Court.” Get real.
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