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July 11th, 2005 2:44 pm
And in other breaking news, the sun is hot…

Those of us in touch with reality will file this under “O” for obvious. Those on the Left will revert to their parallel universe where they’ll continue to deny the leftist leanings of mainstream media.

More than two-thirds of the news stories on ABC, NBC and CBS covering the first 100 days of Mr. Bush’s second term were negative, according to an analysis released today by the District-based Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA). It’s actually a slight improvement: During the first 100 days of his initial term in office, the coverage was 71 percent negative, according to a similar CMPA study conducted in 2001.

So much for fair and balanced. It’s no doubt the mostly liberal population of journalists personally dislike Bush, but it’s pretty sad when it interferes with neutral reporting of the news:

78 percent of stories about Mr. Bush’s Social Security reforms were negative.

But conveniently, the same media didn’t criticize Democrats for not having a plan at all. Much less question why the very same Democrats who earlier claimed that Social Security was in trouble, were now claiming it is “the most successful program in the history of the world”. Apparently the left thinks a journalist’s opinion on the President’s policy is more newsworthy than reporting the inconsistency and hypocrisy of elected officials using a social program to advance their own personal political careers.

77 percent of stories on his domestic policy were negative.

Despite the fact that the average monthly job growth is about 183,000, the unemployment rate is hovering around historic lows, GDP growth is almost 4%, average hourly earnings keep increasing, Consumer Confidence is high and the economy has grown for 14 consecutive quarters.

71 percent of stories on Iraq policy were negative.

Despite continued good news from Iraq.

But maybe it’s just because Bush is at the apex of political coverage, right? Wrong. When the political landscape included John Kerry at the top with Bush, the Media gave Kerry a virtual pass, comparatively:

Overall, 59 percent of Bush-dominated stories were clearly negative in nature while just 25 percent of Kerry stories were decidedly negative.

So what does this new study reveal? Nothing new to those of us in touch with reality. It’s just more facts the Left will readily ignore as it doesn’t suit their agenda.

Correction, apparently it’s filed under “Duh“…

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