Texas Rainmaker
July 29th, 2005 9:01 am
Raising Standards… What a Concept…

It’s been a while since we heard the Democrat campaign rhetoric about “No Child Left Behind” being a miserable failure and how Democrat vote-buying programs would solve the “crisis” of illiteracy. Part of Bush’s solution was to raise standards and test every year to see whether those standards were being met or not. This places accountability on schools to actually perform the services for which they exist to perform.

But there’s a reason we’re not hearing the continuous chant of anti-NCLB mantra these days…

Because it appears to be working! Imagine that.

In Arkansas, “Fort Smith elementary and junior high school students scored above the national average in most categories of a nationwide standardized test administered last spring.”

In Wisconisn, “…results for the latest test, which were recently released, showed almost all students in third grade could read at a proficient or advanced level.”

In Louisiana, “Students in the River Parishes continued to make strides in standardized tests taken in March, according to data released Tuesday by the state.”

In New Jersey, “…students in grades 3, 4, 8 and 11 took the state-standardized exams in March and, in most cases, academically bested the district’s 2004 scores, prompting administrators to applaud their scholarly strides.”

Of course, some people are still unhappy with NCLB…

The latest results for the federal “No Child Left Behind” law are proof that making the grade is not easy for some local school systems.

“We were not extremely happy about our results,” said Associate Superintendent Dr. Carl Harris.

Of course, the schools that are the most unhappy with NCLB are those who failed to meet the minimum standards. NCLB is making examples of those schools that fail our children and the happy-go-lucky administrators who’ve maintained the status quo and job security for decades are now exposed for their real achievements.

And what does Mr. Harris say he’ll do in response to the failing report card?

“So, we’ll go back and review our strategy, implement additional strategy and hope for better results next year,” Harris said.

So it does work. No longer can these folks sit back and let kids slip through… now they have to actually work hard in their jobs to insure their task is completed successfully. You know… like every other worker in America.

It shouldn’t be surprising either that all of the links I provided above about school successes in standardized testing are coming from local and homegrown newspapers.

How does MSM view this story?

Blame the law. It’s the law’s fault that school aren’t achieving. Even in this very article, a school official is quoted as saying:

“This year’s results will serve to assist us as we renew and strengthen our focus around the delivery of high-quality instruction for all students,” Superintendent Ann T. Denlinger said in a statement.

You see, the law isn’t the problem. It’s the solution. Without the law in place and the standards set, these administrators would have no incentive to go back and “renew and strengthen [their] focus around the delivery of high-quality instruction for all students” or “review our strategy, implement additional strategy” to achieve the very result they’re hired to achieve… educating children.

Just like other areas of this “victim mentality“, those on the Left, including MSM, view the schools as victims, rather than the students. They view rising standards as an evil and those who fail to meet the standards as victims. Instead of bettering the student-consumer’s choice, they want to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator so that, on paper, everyone gets a passing grade. Which coincidentally appears to fall in line with the Left’s political strategy.

Keep ‘em stupid, they’ll vote Democrat.
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