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In case you were still of the warped notion that MSM is generally fair and balanced in its coverage, here’s a little story making no waves with “journalists” on the major networks or the nation’s biggest periodicals.

New York City’s Department of Investigation is looking into charges that $875,000 from a Bronx nonprofit group and an affiliate whose budgets are generously stuffed with local, state and federal grants was inappropriately used to fund Air America, the left’s counterattack on the colossal success of conservative talk radio.

The two groups � the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club and Pathways for Youth � said they thought they were making a loan to the network. But when Evan Montvel Cohen was working as both chairman of Air America and director of development for Gloria Wise, some red flags should have been raised.

Jeannette Graves, president of Gloria Wise’s executive committee, has said that without her authorization or knowledge, Cohen siphoned $613,000 from the organization to himself and Air America. Cohen also allegedly used money from the groups for personal medical care.

So what is MSM’s response to the lack of coverage? According to the New York Times:

We are closely watching this story and how it is handled by the paper.

Apparently, such patience is only granted when the subject of the story is politically bent to the Left. There was no such “patience” by MSM when it came to the fake CBS national guard memo story. There’s been no such “waiting and seeing” when it came to the Karl Rove non-story.

But let a leftist organization like Air America misappropriate funds earmarked for charities and all’s quiet on the leftist front. Michelle correctly asks why Jackson and Sharpton aren’t involved in Air America’s fleecing of a Bronx, N.Y.-based inner city charity for poor children. But c’mon, do we really have to ask?

Just more evidence that the so-called “journalists” in MSM are more concerned about promoting their political agenda than reporting the news. When Republicans are acting ethically, legally and properly, nothing stops MSM from manufacturing lies to placate their agenda. But when those on the Left act inappropriately, illegaly, unethically or immorally, MSM’s coverage is as loud as one hand clapping.

What does MSM think is a more important story? Digging into adoption records of a highly qualified SCOTUS appointee.

…and the beat goes on.

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