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The Left and Cindy Sheehan
August 14th, 2005 10:48 am

Did the liberals hit the jackpot with her or what? Now they have a mouthpiece to spew their rhetoric and the ability to blast anyone who challenges her… because, dammit, she lost her son…

She demands to meet with Bush (although she already has and was pleased with the meeting). She claims her son was duped into joining the Army. She claims her son was against the Iraq war. She claims Bush killed her son. She’s now saying Jews should get out of Palestine.

All the rhetoric we’d expect from the Left. And the liberals are winking and nodding at each other thinking they’ve got the perfect package to deliver their Bush-hating vitriol. Afterall, if anyone dares to disagree with her, they’re hateful, idiots bashing a poor woman who lost her son. How heartless.

But you know what’s heartless. Those on the left who are pimping out Casey Sheehan’s memory and status as a fallen hero, so they can score a few more political punches against Bush. The message isn’t new, but the vehicle they’re using is.

The ironic thing is that Casey Sheehan was a hero who died fighting to maintain the right of these folks to continue to spew their misguided hate.

God Bless the memory of Casey Sheehan, a true American Hero. Period.

Update: Maureen Dowd in her “infinite wisdom” says “the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute.” I wonder if she’ll qualify that statement considering not all of those parents agree with Cindy Sheehan

“I don’t agree” with Sheehan’s views, said Lynn Kelly of Pitman, whose son, Marine Cpl. Sean P. Kelly, was killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq in January. “I wouldn’t say, ‘Bush, you killed my son.’ I don’t agree with that,” said Kelly. “I think we had to do something and I believe that ultimately, I was one of the few that had to make the ultimate sacrifice, which isn’t fair, in my eyes,” she said. “But I don’t believe that Mr. Bush was the one that pulled the trigger,” said Kelly. She said she believes there are other issues she could address with the president, but not the issue of the war. “I think we needed to be there, something needed to be done,” said Kelly.


Marine Cpl. Marc T. Ryan, of Gloucester City, was killed in an explosion in Ramadi, Iraq in November. “I would tell Cindy Sheehan that, as one mother to another, I do realize your loss is your loss and there’s nothing you can do to heal from it,” said the corporal’s mother, Linda Ryan. “George Bush didn’t kill her son, it’s the evildoers who have no value of life who killed her son. Her son made a decision to join the Armed Forces and defend our country, knowing that, at any time, war could come about,” Ryan said. “She’s going about this not realizing how many people she’s hurting. When she refers to anyone killed in Iraq, she’s referring to my son. She doesn’t have anything to say about what happened to my son,” said Ryan.

Update 2: Welcome to those of you visiting from Newsweek’s BlogTalk site. However, my reaction to the Newsweek article is located here.

Update 3: David Duke endorses Cindy Sheehan. With endorsements like that… .

Mark doesn’t think anymore needs to be said about the real motivations behind all of this…

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