Texas Rainmaker
Headlines to Outrage Liberals
August 29th, 2005 12:03 am

Interesting little contest going on over at the blog: “Where Have You Gone, Ronald Reagan?” They’re giving away an iPod to the best “Outrage a Liberal” headline. What the hell, here’s a couple I tossed into the ring:

  • Consitution Amended - Bush Elected to Third Term
  • Supreme Court Rules - First Amendment Does Not Apply to Democrats
  • Bin Laden Replaces Dean as DNC Chairman
  • Medical Tests Show Hillary Can’t Technically be First “Female” President
  • Exit Polls Show Republican Candidate Receives 95% of Black Vote
  • Study Reveals Baby Seals a Viable Energy Alternative to Oil
  • President Bush Issues Executive Order Renaming Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Hillary Because of its Forecasted Catastrophic Impact on America
  • Cloning Success - Ronald Reagan DNA Used to Create Clone, Will Run Against Hillary in 2008

I think a couple of those would send some liberals I know right down to Jonestown.

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