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What to do With the Looters…
August 31st, 2005 9:29 am

I’m not talking about those seeking food and water in a time of sheer desperation. I’m talking about the looters who bypass the food and water at the store and head to the electronics section to pick out a new 50 inch plasma television. Those people disgust me as they represent the lowest form of scum on the planet. When people are hurting and some have lost everything, include loved ones and friends, these assholes decide to take the opportunity to outfit their home theaters and “pimp their rides”. As police catch these criminals animals in the act, they ought to:

  1. Turn them over to the Army Corps of Engineers to use as levee-fillings;
  2. Put them in the flooded, disease-ridden jail for the rest of their time on earth;
  3. Require them to volunteer their time and sweat to rebuilding the city until it’s completely rebuilt and ready for business… then chunk them in jail forever.

It’s a damn shame.

If you want to help the victims, here’s one way.

SistaToldjah links with heart-breaking tales of looters trying to get into the Children’s Hospital. If there’s ever been a time for a “shoot ‘em on site” plan.
Michelle has some good updates.

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