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I don’t make it a habit of linking to Daily “Screw Them” Kos because frankly it’s a wasteland of idiocy. But I feel a need to link to a particular post to show the level of subhuman-idiocy that is abundant among that crowd. It’s entitled, “Put the N—-rs in the Superdome” (I had to edit the title because it disgusts me).

Apparently there are actually people who think the purpose of putting thousands of people in the biggest building in town for shelter was somehow an evil, racist plot to actually kill them all.

Some choice responses to the subhuman post include genius comments like, “He does make one good point… it seems unlikely the Superdome would have survived a Cat 5.” Color me confused, but it’s still standing!

Now there are some that have called for the idiot to change the title, so I’ll give them that.

Here’s another genius, whose tagline ironically says, “Nobody will change America for you, you have to work to make it happen“:

“The fact is there was no will and leadership to get it done, to get everyone out which was doable if the leadership of Government (State, Federal and local ) gave enough of a fuck.

So which is it? Should they have gotten themselves out or relied on the government to do it for them?

For what it’s worth, for those still wondering why “so many blacks were seen entering the Superdome”… the population is 2/3 black.

So extending such logic, I wonder if these same people will make such a connection between with the race of the looters we’re seeing all over the television. I’m guessing not.

Update: Liberals blaming Republicans for Hurricane Katrina. It was only a matter of time.

Update: Liberals are showing their “compassionate” side. Are you surprised?

Update: Another liberal says she didn’t help victims because they had a “W” sticker on their car. I think hell has a special wing for people like her.

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