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But contrary to what the race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Kanye Whoeverthehellheis want to think, the color in question was… green. Looks like the environmentalists at Sierra Club were busy in the 1990s opposing, protesting and suing the federal government to prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from upgrading 303 miles of levees along the river in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

They brag that they’re “working to keep the Atchafalaya Basin,” which adjoins the Mississippi River not far from New Orleans, �wet and wild.� Working with other environmental groups in 1996, they filed suit in the U.S. District Court in New Orleans which was settled in 1997 with the Corps agreeing to hold off on some work while doing an additional two-year environmental impact study.

Some went beyond opposition to building or repairing levees. At an Army Corps of Engineers meeting concerning the Mississippi River in 2002, Audubon official Dan McGuiness even recommended �looking at opportunities to lower or remove levees [emphasis added]� from the river.

And let’s compare the most recent two administrations’ response:
  • The Clinton administration would frequently side with environmentalists on flood-control projects, even against local Democrats.

  • The Bush administration�s flood-control efforts were often relentlessly opposed by environmental groups, and this opposition was frequently echoed by liberal activists and in the press.
Finally, as John Berlau at NRO puts it:

Ironically, among those criticizing Bush for his actions to prevent flooding of the Missouri River was the ever-present anti-Bush environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He chastised Bush in 2004 for �managing the flow of the Missouri River.� If, before Katrina, Bush had proceeded full-speed ahead and fortified the levees of the Mississippi for a Category 5 hurricane, Kennedy and others of his ilk would very likely have criticized Bush for trying to manage the natural flow of the Mississippi. And it�s a good bet that many of the lefty bloggers now critical of Bush for not reinforcing the levees would have cited Bush�s levee fortification as another way he was despoiling the natural environment.

Democrats still can’t figure out why they keep losing elections, but as I said before:

All in all, it’s just simply become the liberals� political strategy. If you can create enough victims in the world, you can swoop in as “defender of their cause” and gain their votes. It has been a brilliant strategy in the political arena, because representatives do just that, “represent”. The democrats have held a monopoly on victimization for quite some time and they’ve become arrogant about it, which is costing them dearly now. You see, they’ve carved up so many victim groups that the interests among each group conflicts with the needs of another and the democrats are finding their “hero” resources running thin trying to support so many vast wants and needs. They’ve fractured society into so many fragments, it’s impossible for them to swoop in and save the day when their actions help one group, but hurt another.

Just wait until the blacks in New Orleans hear about what the Greens have been doing.

Thanks to John Y. for the original article.
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